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Can a person obtain a divorce while in jail?

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I don't see why not. * Yes, the procedure is basically the same as it is for persons who are not incarcerated.

2006-08-02 13:46:55
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Q: Can a person obtain a divorce while in jail?
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Can your spouse divorce you while in jail?


If a person is in jail can he ask for a divorce?


If a person in jail wants to get a divorce can he get a fee waiver to pay for his divorce in CA?

He sure can!!

How do you divorce your spouse while they are in jail?

You can divorce a spouse who is currently in jail as if they weren't even there. You just have to have them sign the legal document allowing you two to go on with the divorce. If he refuses.. then you'll have to take it to court.

how do i file for divorce when my spouse is in jail And what would be the chances of him gettin custody of our childern?

You need to have the court papers served to him while he is in jail. He probably won't get custody while he is in jail.

Can you obtain a passport while on bail?

No, you can not obtain a passport while on bail. This would break the terms of your probation and you could go back to jail.

I want a divorce and my husband is in jail can i get a fee wavier for the divorce TN?

my husbands in jail how can i get a fee wavier for divorce

Can your wife divorce you if you are in jail and does the husband have to be served divorce papers?

They'll serve you in jail

How much does it cost to divorce a inmate in prison in Georgia?

If the spouse is in jail, a no fault divorce can be obtained. There will be some special procedures to serving the person his papers.

Can a person obtain phone records from a jail without a warrant?

a person can, whether they should or if its legal is another matter.

What happens if you report my husband to the police for hitting you?

The arrest him, put him in jail, make him pay child support in jail, weekly visits for the kids to see him in jail, you get tired of letting the kids see him in jail, move on while he is in jail, you miss him alot while he is in jail, get remarried but then divorce because the guys a meanie while your husband is in jail, then he has porole from jail, you realize your the only one for him while hes in jail, he gets out on good behavior from jail, you and him live happily ever after from his one to two year sentance from jail...JAIL

How do you divorce a Nigerian detainee who is in jail awaiting deportation?

The same way any divorce is obtained. People who are in jail (or being detained) can be served documents pertaining to divorce, lawsuits and so forth. If the marriage is legal the divorce petition can be filed in the state where the couple has established residency. Make sure you file the divorce while she is still in jail, right. I'm assuming it's easier than waiting until she's in another

How can you divorce your husband while he is incarcerate?

how can you divorce your husband who is incarecerated and will be for another seven months. you klive in the state of new jersey file the papers and have him served in jail

If a person abuses drugs during marriage can you use that in your divorce?

tryed it all it does is get u put in jail

Can a person in a Texas jail open a business while incarcerated?


Can you get a divorce if you were married in jail?

Your right to file for divorce is not altered by where you were married.

If I'm married to someone who is know in jail will it be hard to get a divorce?

Assuming there are no minor children or property involved and there is reason for a divorce, it should not be difficult to obtain a non-contested divorce. Only a divorce lawyer can give you the correct answer. You might make an appointment to see one - usually the initial consultation is free.

Can you marry someone who is in jail?

The incarcerated person would need to obtain permission from the warden and/or the person/authority who is qualified to issue such a mandate.

Can you get a divorce from your wife who is in jail?


Can you divorce your husband in jail?


How expensive is it to get divorce?

Well, if your spouse is in jail, you can get a divorce for just a couple of dollars.

In the state of Virginia if a man is in jail and files for a divorce while being married under 6 months how long will it take for a divorce?

Yes he can. He has the right to have a lawyer provided to him by the State. Marcy

I'm in jail and i want a divorce but my wife wont sign the divorce papers.What should i do?

Ask for a good divorce lawyer.

How can you divorce your husband that is in jail?

we don't do it anymore were through

Can an inmate get a divorce through a proxy?

you're in JAIL?!