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Q: Can a person validly receive episcopal ordination who's ordination as a priest was invalid?
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Who can receive Catholic communion?

Catholic christians who are in a state of grace i.e. they have validly confessed their last mortal sins.

Why is Baptism the Sacrament of all Sacraments?

Roman Catholic AnswerBecause without Baptism, you can not validly receive any of the other sacraments.

Does an Episcopal service fulfill the obligation of Mass in Catholic Church?

Because the Catholic Church does not recognize the validity of Episcopal ordinations, their Mass is not celebrated validly and does not fulfill the requirements on the Catholic faithful according to Canon Law. In response to above answer: The Episcopal Church does not have a "Mass". It has a service. More and more the word "Mass" is being applied to the Episcopalian Service. It is a misnomer in the Episcopalian context. Also I'm not sure what's meant by "Catholic faithful" since the Episcopal Church is called The Holy Catholic Church to distinguish it from the Roman one.

Can a Catholic divorcee marry a Catholic in a Roman Catholic church?

The Catholic divorcee must receive a declaration of nullity (a process to determine whether the marriage was invalid from the very beginning). If the divorced Catholic is granted a declaration of nullity then that person was never validly married and may contract marriage. Talk to your Diocesan Tribunal to get the process started.

What is the protocol for a Roman catholic and a Episcopalian to get married?

As a Catholic, you cannot be validly married anywhere else besides a Roman Catholic church. If you get permission from your Episcopalian Bishop, the Episcopal Church will recognize your marriage in a Roman Catholic church.

Does Catholic Church recognize validity of Episcopalian ordination?

Nope, the Church of England destroyed it's sacred line of apostolic succession after the church split from the Church of Rome. Therefore, if the pope were to recognize the validity of the Episcopalian ordination, he would be preaching heresies..Catholic AnswerAttached below is Pope Leo XIII's bull on the validly of Anglican Orders, infallibly declaring them to be null and void.

Do Episcopalians have valid sacraments accepted by the Catholic Church?

The Church accepts baptism of Episcopals, and recognizes their marriages as legitimate from supplied jurisdiction out of necessity. It rejects holy orders, penance, extreme unction, Confirmation and the Eucharist. The Church rejects the above since the Church of England, after its break from Rome, changed the ordination rite making it invalid. Thus no priests were validly ordained, and if there are no valid priests, there are no valid sacraments save in those sacraments were the minister is not ordinarily a priest (i.e. baptism and marriage). This invalid ordination rite was used for a long period of time, long enough that no legitimately ordained ministers remained by the time they rectified the rite and returned to a legitimate form. However, some more traditional branches of the Anglican Church have sought out ordination at the hands of Catholic bishops and brought legitimate orders back into limited circulation within Anglicanism. Sacraments, preformed by these ordained ministers, are now valid, but are still considered illicit by the Church, as they are performed outside of Her and without Her consent.

Can a Roman Catholic receive sacraments after marrying an Anglican divorcee?

A person can receive the sacraments if they are free of mortal sin. This may include acting out a marriage that is invalid. A valid marriage of a Catholic is only through the Catholic church. [Note: 2 baptized persons who have never been Roman Catholic, can be validly married.] During the pre-cana process, the church will investigate all impediments (like prior divorces) and sort through them to either approve or deny an impending marriage. The Annullment process for example may be necessitated. If a Catholic is married outside the church (regardless of the spouses religion or marital status) they cannot receive the sacraments. Also, if a person is married to another person who is validly married, then those two persons are committing adultry, which is a mortal sin.

Can congress validly pass a law protecting all forms of political dynasty?

1. Can Congress validly pass a law protecting all form of dynasty?

Can non-Catholics go to reconciliation?

No, Reconciliation is one of the seven sacraments, the first of which is Baptism. Baptism may be received by anyone, the other six sacraments require for their functioning that one first be baptized in a Catholic Church - or be accepted into the Catholic Church if you have been baptized validly elsewhere. To attempt to receive any of those six sacraments is invalid and illicit if you are not a Catholic. If you would like to speak to a priest, call the parish Office of Rectory and make an appointment.

Who can participate in confirmation?

Any Catholic who has been validly baptized.

What is a trait produced from two different alleles?

Validly expressed, for starters.

What are the steps in converting to a Catholic religion?

Normally, you would enter an RCIA class in the late summer (RCIA stands for Rite Christian Initiation for Adults), attend classes throughout the year, and be received into the Church at the Easter Vigil. You need to speak with your local priest. If you have been validly baptized in a Christian denomination, you will make your first confession, and then be confirmed and receive your first Holy Communion at Easter. If you are not validly baptized, you will be baptized at the Easter Vigil.

Can a widowed Catholic marry a divorced non-Catholic in the Catholic Church?

Roman Catholic AnswerA person who is validly married cannot attempt marriage again while his or her spouse is still alive. A divorced non-Catholic may or may not be validly married in the eyes of God, they would have to submit their case to the diocesan tribunal for a ruling on the validly of their marriage.

Is a confirmed Christian recognized in a Catholic church?

Only the Sacrament of Baptism, that is performed in another Christian Church, is recognized by the Catholic Church..Catholic AnswerThe only sacrament that can be given by anyone - even a non-baptized person - is baptism. Every other sacrament, including confirmation, requires a validly ordained priest, which can only be found in a Catholic Church, or in an Orthodox Church which has maintained valid orders. Someone outside the Catholic Church who has been validly baptized is considered a Christian, but any confirmation attempted outside the Church would be invalid.

Can a Catholic marry a Mormon in a Catholic ceremony?

No. Only if the person that is Mormon became Catholic before he/she got engaged. Mormonism is considered paganism by the Catholic Church and its baptisms are declared dubious and invalid since Mormonism does not recognize the Divine Trinity of God as three equal persons in one Godhead. Hence the necessary baptismal intention is absent even though the matter and form of the Mormon practice are correct. Since Catholics cannot validly marry anyone who is not at least validly baptized, Catholics may not enter into the marriage contract with a Mormon.

What are the rituals of Holy Orders?

Holy Orders is when someone is ordained clergy: bishop, priest, or deacon.Catholic AnswerThe rituals of Holy Orders is the Ordination Ceremony in which the Bishop lays his hands on the individual to be ordained. In ordination to the diaconate, the newly ordained deacon is given a copy of the Gospels to signify his responsibility to read and proclaim them. In ordination to the priesthood, the one being ordained has his hands consecrated with Sacred Chrism and he receives a paten and chalice. from Modern Catholic Dictionary by John A. Hardon, S.J. Doubleday & Co., Inc. Garden City, NY 1980Orders, Sacrament of.The sacrament that, by the imposition of a bishop's hands, confers on a man the grace and spiritual power to sanctify others. There are three forms of this sacrament, also called sacramental orders, namely diaconate, priesthood, and episcopate. They are not, however three sacraments, but only one sacrament that is separately administered with three successively higher sacramental effects. It is certain that every baptized male can be validly ordained, although it would be highly illicit to ordain him before the age of reason. It is likewise certain that every baptized male can be validly ordained a priest without previously being ordained a deacon. However, the more probably teaching is that a baptized male cannot be validly consecrated a bishop unless he has previously been ordained a priest.

If a divorced non Catholic marries a Catholic but not in the Catholic church is an annulment required for the Catholic to receive communion in a Catholic church?

For a Catholic to be in good standing, and to be able to receive Holy Communion, then they must not be in an irregular situation such as you describe, an objective state of sin. For the Catholic to be in a state of grace, and thus to be able to receive Holy Communion, he or she would have to fix the irregularity in his life either by obtaining an annulment and validly married the individual or by separating from them. It might be possible to receive Holy Communion and get back in a state of grace by just practicing continence, until such time as they could be validly married, but this would be an individual decision of the person's confessor. For a more thorough answer for a similar scenario, read this, written by Father Shane Johnson, a New York priest: (see link below)

What kind of sacrament is Holy Orders?

Service to othersRoman Catholic AnswerThe Sacrament of Holy Orders is considered a sacrament of the living in that the grace of the sacrament is NOT received by the individual if he receives it in a state of grave sin. He is still validly ordained, but he does not receive the grace therefrom.

A true conclusion cannot be derived validly from false premises?

Yes, of course.

A alliteration starting with v?

very vain, vaguely vaporous, validly venial

Do you have to be baptized into Catholic Church to be Catholic?

No, you can be baptized in another church, but will have to attend classes to be received into the Catholic Church -----------------------------------All people validly baptised by water and by word are made Catholics. They are expected however to receive tuition in the faith of the apostles and to have this confirmed by a valid bishop.

What is required to receive the sacrament of baptism?

Roman Catholic AnswerTo celebrate baptism validly, you must pour water over the person's head, while reciting the words, N., I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, while having the intention of doing what the Church does.

My daughter was christened Christian can you have her baptized Catholic?

Maybe, it depends on what you mean by "christened". If by christened, you mean that she was validly baptized with water poured on the head (or immersed) in the name of the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), with the intention to do what the Church does when She baptized, then, no, she is already validly baptized, but you would need to speak with a priest to find out for sure. If she is already validly baptized, then she can be accepted into the Church and make her first confession, and first Holy Communion.

Can teens be baptized in Catholic church?

Yes. Anyone who is not already validly baptized can be baptized in the Catholic Church.