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No. The Social Security Administration only pays disability benefits if they determine you have a qualifying condition, are completely disabled, and are expected to remain disabled for at least one year. If you are capable of working or engaging in "substantial gainful activity" (SGA) regardless of whether you receive income for your efforts, you will not be approved for SSDI benefits.

In addition, you -- or, under certain circumstances, a parent or spouse -- have to have made sufficient quarterly contributions to the Social Security fund before you become eligible to Social Security benefits.

Some government programs, such as those for disabled military veterans, may pay a monthly stipend if you are partially disabled or have a non-disabling condition that has been linked to your military service (for example, Vietnam Veterans who have Diabetes and were potentially exposed to Agent Orange automatically qualify for partial disability).

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Q: Can a person who is 25 percent disabled but is working collect Social Security disability benefits?
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Can I continue to collect my compensation disability after starting to collect Social Security benefits at 65?

Collecting Social Security would not interfere with your compensation disability

Can you collect social security disability benefits while in a mental facility?

While on social security disability if sentenced to a mental facility can you still collect

Can you collect unemployment insurance benefits and social benefits at the same time in Pennsylvania?

One Answer:If you mean Social Security (non-Disability type), then yes, you can collect both the state's unemployment benefits and the Federal's Social Security benefits, however, see the next answer below for the Disability issue. Another answer:If you are asking if you can collect Social Security Disability Benefits and Unemployment Benefits, the short answer is "no", unless you want to commit fraud. In order to collect Social Security Disability Benefits, you must be determined "disabled" which is defined by the SSA as unable to perform any type of work.In order to file for PA Unemployment benefits, you must certify that you are "able and available" for work.Therefore, they are mutually exclusive. You are either unable to perform any work (disability benefits) or able and available to work (Unemployment benefits).

How long can you collect disability?

People can collect disability for as long as they are considered disabled. If someone is receiving and afraid of losing benefits they should speak with their local SSI about it.

When can you start collecting social security?

It depends on the date of birth and persons age or if there is a disability. To collect social security benefits you must first apply and show why you are eligible. Even when totally disabled you can still be denied benefits and need an attorney to help you receive benefits.

Can I collect social security disability benefits and Florida State disability benefits at the same time?

Florida does not have state disability benefits.You can get private disability coverage in Florida. Check your policy to see the integration language relating to social security disability. You can collect on both policies at the same time, however the private policies will offset the benefit to a varying degree.

Can you collect both unemployment benefits and Social Security Disability benefits at the same time in North Carolina?


Can a person collect short term disability in NC and file for disability?

Short term disability will pay benefits for a defined period of time, provided you are unable to work due to medical reasons.Social Security Disability will cover you if you are permanently disabled. You can collect both. Your private coverage may offset the SSD benefit.

How long can a child collect social security for disabled parent?

If the child is collecting Social Security Disability from the disabled parent's benefit, he or she may generally collect it until the age of 18. However, under current law, if the child remains a full-time student, benefits can continue until age 19.

Can alcoholics collect disability insurance?

Yes, if they have disability coverage to collect from and are in fact disabled.

Can you collect Social Security disability benefits due to 2 knee replacements?

collect for 2 knee repalcements

If you collect private disability then qualify for social security disability can you collect them both My private plan says nothing about social security benefits?

Yes you can. However if your collecting disability benefits from a LTD then they will most likely kick you off once you start receiving your SSDI benefits. However, if you trying to get on SSI, which is income based, you wont be able to collect both.

Can you collect social security while out on short term disability at work?

It is possible, however it depends on the particular Short-Term Disability Insurance policy you have. Your disability benefits booklet should be available from the employer. Some group disability policies integrate with Social Security and if you qualify for Social Security benefits, your disability benefits will be decreased by the amount received from SSDI. Individual Disability Insurance plans can be taken and you have a choice of integration with Social Security (cheaper plans) on non-integrated plans which will pay 100% of benefit if you are disabled, regardless if you are receiving Social Security Disability. These individual plans are portable if you change your job.

Can Va take percent of Social Sec funds?

The disabled veterans can collect social security disability funds from the social security funds.

Can you collect state disability after long term unemployment?

If you're currently disabled and unable to work, you should apply for disability income benefits through your state.

Can you receive both Veteran's Administration Disability and Social Security Disability?

As a disabled veteran, I am witness to such cases where the veteran does collect veterans administration and social security disability. Usually the veteran is receiving VA. disability at the 100% rate. Social security will fight awarding it, usually based on the applicants age. The older you are though, the easier it is to collect both.

Can you collect long term disability insurance and social security retirement benefits at the same time?

check your answer

Can you draw Social Security at age 60?

Only if you qualify for SSDI (disability) or survivors' benefits under Social Security guidelines. A widow, widower, or qualifying ex-spouse may receive Social Security survivors' benefits for retirement as early as age 60, or age 50 if disabled. The earliest a person can collect regular Social Security retirement benefits is age 62.

What is the oldest you can be and collect long term disability?

This assumes that you are referring to a private disability policy. Most such policies terminate benefits at age 65, as it is then that the insured would be entitled to Social Security benefits.

Can you collect unemployment with a disability?

Merely being disabled does not qualify you for unemployment benefits. You have to be ready, willing, and ABLE to accept a full time work immediately, and if you were disabled, it would depend on the extent of your disability. If the disability were job related (injury, etc.) then you probably qualify for workers compensation.

Can you collect disability insurance for an ulcer?

This depends on the type of Disability insurance you have and also how bad the ulcer is. Normally, individual and group Disability insurance requires that you be unable to perform the material duties of your current occupation, in order to qualify and receive any benefits. If the ulcer is preventing you from working in your job, then there is a chance you may qualify for benefits. If it does not affect your ability to work, then you should not expect to receive benefits. If you are counting on Social Security Disability, you should not expect to be paid disability benefits. Social Security is significantly more difficult to qualify for. You must essentially be unable to do any form of work, in order to be considered disabled and eligible for benefits.

Can you collect disability insurance and Social Security?

Worker's Comp (disability insurance) is different from Social Security and you can collect both if you qualify for both.

Can you collect social security disability for flatfeet?

No, to collect social security disability you must not be able to work any job in the national economy.

Can you collect social security disability due to 2 knee replacements?

can you collect social security disability due to 2 knee repalcements

Can you collect ssi disability benefits for flatfoot?