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The age of majority in GA is 18. Therefore, unless you've been emancipated, 18 is the legal age at which you can leave home without parental consent.

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Q: Can a person who is under the age of eighteen move out on their own in the state of Georgia?
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Can someone in the military marry someone who is underage?

That person will have to be a certain age (it varies from state to state), but if they are under eighteen they will need to get parent's permission.

What is another word for a person under eighteen?

A minor.

Can a person under eighteen sign a Master License Agreement?


Is it illegal for a person over eighteen to date a person under eighteen?

Yes it is because when you hit the age 18 you are considered a adult and a person under 18 is considered a child so therefore that is against the law.

Why is it possible for the state to make a law that says a citizen must be 18 years old to vote?

States have the right to set any age limit for voting except an age over 18 years. Under the Twenty Sixth Amendment to the US Constitution, no state may deny or abridge the right of a person eighteen years of age the right to vote on account of age. States determine what the age of majority for its citizens should be and may grant them certain privileges regardless of the age of majority. Examples are that most states allow people to drive motor vehicles before a person turns eighteen years old, while they also prohibit drinking alcoholic beverages even after a person turns eighteen. Presumably, a state could allow a person under eighteen to vote, but they can't prohibit a person eighteen or over the right to vote.

Can you post bail under eighteen?

No, a person must be eighteen to post bail. Posting of bail bond is a contractual agreement and the parties must be eighteen to enter into a valid contract.

Is Illinois a state that allows teens under 21 to serve beer in restaurants?

As long as you are eighteen.

How many constitutions has Georgia operated under?

State i guess

Can juvenile court can hear cases involving persons under the age of eighteen?

Juvenile courts only hear cases with the person(s) being under the age of seventeen to eighteen, although, if the person(s) has done one of the seven deadly sins crimes, that particular person(s) can be tried as an adult.

What is the legal age to get married in Washington State?

The legal age to marry w/o parental consent is eighteen. If under eighteen parental or legal guardian consent is necessary. If under the age of seventeen the permission of the court is required.

What percent of the homeless population in the US are under eighteen years of age?

33 percent are under the age of eighteen.

What happens when people smoke at under eighteen?

There is more chance of the under eighteen personhaving lung cancer when their older.

Can you get a tattoo at age 16 in Louisiana?

It is unlawful for any person to tattoo any other person under the age of eighteen without the consent of the parents of such person in Louisana.

What is the exective branch of Georgia?

The executive branch of Georgia and of any other state is the Governor's office and all departments under it.

What is the statute number for stealing in Georgia?

There are MANY different types of thefts and classifications thereof under Georgia Law. Most are covered under Georgia State Code Chapter 16, and its accompanying sub-articles.

Can a private seller sell a motor vehicle in the state of Florida to someone under 21 years old?

yes. eighteen.

What did the Georgia Constitution of 1777 state?

That they would become a state under the US constitution in the United States of America

Is Georgia the coolest state in the US?

Yes, the weather this week will be under 70 degrees.

Are parents legally responsible for a person under the age 18?

Yes a parent has legal responsibility for anyone under the age of majority, which is usually eighteen but can be as old as 21.

What are the age of consent laws between two persons under eighteen?

The age of consent for sexual activity varies from state to state. In most it is 16, but it can be 17 or 18.

Can you get kicked out of your house at 16 in the state of Illinois?


What do you do after your kicked out and under eighteen?

Depending on which state you live in, your parents cannot kick you out legally. You are their responsibility until you are legally considered an adult.

Where can someone under eighteen work?


Who is a child in the world?

A child is a juvenile human who is biologically between the age of birth and puberty. That definition can be expanded to include any person who is under the legal age of majority. The United Nations defines a child as a person who is under eighteen or under the age of majority under the law where they live.

IS it illegal to date someone over eighteen if you are under eighteen?

No, but in most states it is technically illegal to have sex.