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No. Moving from the family residence would not change the status of an order of restraint or a "no contact" order. These orders can only be rescinded by the issuing court or expire according to the enforceable time limit. ANY person involved in the action who violates the order can be cited for contempt of court.

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Q: Can a person whose parents put a restraining order on her boyfriend move out of the house and have that restraining order removed?
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Will your boyfriend be violating the restraining order because you work at the same place?

Probably yes. _______ The more important question here is why would one still refer to a person with an active restraining order as their boyfriend.

How can you take a restraining order off if the person is pregnant?

Only the person who requested the restraining order in the first place can request that it be removed. That person can schedule a hearing at the same court that issued it and ask that the judge cancel the order.

Can some one get a court order to stop you from being on your parents property other than your parent?

Yes, if the other person resides with your parents and is granted a restraining order against you. If there is a restraining order against you it would mean you could not be on their property if it's too close to that person.

Can a 16 year old live with someone of whom their parents have a restraining order on?

Legally no. Physically yes. If you get caught. The person who has a restraining order will go to county jail immediately.

How can you remove a restraining order?

In the USA a person can remove a restraining order by reaching the County courthouse where it was issued and petition the Court regarding its procedures and regulations to have the restraining order removed. Once you have that information you or your attorney can ask for a Court date whereby your case for having the restraining order removed can be presented. In many cases these restraining orders were issued as you were named as a threat or possible threat to a person or persons. Be prepared to provide evidence that the threat or implied threat has no foundation in facts.

How do you file a restraining order against your daughter and her boyfriend She does not live at home is a compulsive thief and the boyfriend is making threatening phone calls and text messages to?

Contact your police department either in person or using the local non-emergency number. Explain the situation and ask to file a restraining order.

If the person who takes out a restraining order send that person food?

no, that would defeat the purpose of a restraining order

Can the person who obtained a restraining order against you contact your fiance?

What would prevent that? You are bound by the restraining order, not the person who obtained it.

How can you force your parents to let you have a boyfriend?

You can't force your parents to let you have a boyfriend. Though, you can try to reason with them and they can let you have a boyfriend. If you think you are mature enough to have a boyfriend; tell your parents why you want a boyfriend and that it's not because everyone else has one. Have your parents meet him or invite him over for dinner so they know he's a good person. If they still say no beg until they let you

What if the person who puts a restraining order on someone breaks the restraining order?

Only the petitioner (the person whom requested the restraining order) is protected by the law. The protected person cannot be charged with a violation of the restraining order. However, if the protected person is harrassing the restrained person, the restrained person can file for a termination of the order based on a lack of "fear" from the protected person, showing proof of the harrassment.

How do you get my parents to accept my boyfriend?

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If parent placed child on restraining order and then dies can it still be in affect if he moves into house?

No, the restraining order is only for the person that put the restraining order on the other person. So it does not stay with the property of the person who has now passed away.

Can you contact a person you put a restaining order on?

no. why would you even want to contact a person you gave a restraining order to? ain't that the whole point of RESTRAINING ORDER!?!?!

If someone put a restraining order on you how will you know if you are supposed to stay away from the person Would you immediately be in voilation of it even if you do not know?

Unfortunately yes, lets say you're in a store and the person with the restraining order walks in, that person has to notify the store that they have a restraining order against you and they would notify you to leave but if that person wanted to be a (you know what) then they could say that you saw them and still proceeded to break the restraining order.

If a person takes out a restraining order against you and then they contact you.?

If the restraining order is in place, you can and should not reply. Block them and do not let them into your home--you are always liable until they remove the restraining order.

Can a person get into trouble if they take someone to a house where a restraining is against that person?


How do you get a boyfriend if your parents are against it?

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How do you win a restraining order court case if you failed to follow the restraining order and saw the person that you weren't supposed to .?

You don't.

How long will a restraining order last in the state of Arizona?

A permanent restraining order on a person can last for one year. You must appear in front of a judge to obtain the permanent restraining order.

Is a restraining order valid if it is served at the wrong address?

Actually, restraining orders can be served anywhere, even in the wrong address, if and when you serve the proper person to whom the restraining orders applies to.

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Can you put a restraining order to a person that threatening but not related?


Can you visit someone in jail that you have a restraining order against them?

No. The jail may not know about the restraining order or try to stop you. But if you have a restraining order against someone, you are also not to make contact with them, as you make it impossible for them to then follow the order. Most courts will find that you invalidate the restraining order if you contact the restrained person, and will then refuse to enforce the order against that person.

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