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Can a person with Asperger's Syndrome get married?

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While Asperger's has only recently been 'discovered' the syndrome has been in existence probably as long as man has been around. There are probably tens of thousands of people living now that meet the diagnostic requirements that have no idea that they are dealing with Asperger's and that is what causes some of their idiosyncrasies and difficulties.


An aspie certainly can marry. Whether or not he/she wants to marry may be another question. Asperger's is high functioning autism the operative word being high. They are not freaks or weirdo's. Aspies have jobs, degrees, owns homes, drive, pay their own bills, and volunteer. They are not mentally deficient, and the law says nothing about banning them from marriage.


Yes, but it can be difficult, since a spouse will normally expect a certain degree of intimacy and affection. It is important for the person with AS and their spouse to understand the syndrome. It is also important for the person with AS to stretch as much as they can to make their spouse feel loved.

Many people with AS decide that marriage is too much of a burden because of the above reasons.

I have AS, and marriage can be quite difficult at times, but my husband understands AS and cuts me some slack, and I try to meet him halfway.


They can get married. Some co-workers of mine who both have Asperger's Syndrome were recently married to each other. They understand the condition and seem to have fewer relationship difficulties caused by Asperger's Syndrome than marriages I know between one person with Asperger's Syndrome and one neuro-typical person.


Many married Aspies, I note, choose to ditch many of the 'standard chapters of the rule-book' on marriage written for mainly typical marriages. They often radically opt for differences as far-reaching as where precisely they each live, how often they are together and at what times, how to allow consciously for 'down-time' or 'processing-time' for the AS partner, how to improve intimacy and yet limit intensity, how to manage a need for structure and timing, widely exploring visual and other communication forms, facilitating-with-care exposure to elements of spontaneity and unruliness (e.g. teen children from 13yo to adult children up to 25yo or more), etc.

I am an Aspie and have been married for 19 years, to the first woman I fell in love with when I was 18.


As many have said, there are absolutely no obstacles to Aspies marrying. Nor are there necessarily any problems guaranteed to occur; speaking as an Aspie, I have difficulty with body language and so on - but am nevertheless in a very comfortable and affectionate relationship. In other words, the only thing that can be said to apply to all Aspies is that no two are alike.

2012-01-06 19:05:36
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Q: Can a person with Asperger's Syndrome get married?
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What is aspi?

Aspie = Person with Aspergers Syndrome. It's friendly slang that those with Aspergers Syndrome use to refer to themselves. People without Aspergers Syndrome are referred to as NTs - Neurotypicals.

How many children have aspergers syndrome in the UK?

It is estimate that around 700,000 children have Aspergers Syndrome.

What is the life expectancy of someone with aspergers syndrome?

Aspergers syndrome is a disorder having to do with a person's ability to interact socially. Because it is a social disorder, the general health of a person with this syndrome would not be affected. The life expectancy is the same as that of any other person. The movie "Rain Man" is about a man with Aspergers (or somewhere on the Autism Spectrum). It may give you a better idea of what it is.

Is aspergers syndrome and asburgers syndrome the same thing?


Do women with Aspergers Syndrome experience menopause differently?

Yes, women with Aspergers Syndrome experience menopause differently

What are the physical effects after vanishing twin syndrome?

aspergers syndrome

How do you find out if you have aspergers syndrome?

Asperger's syndrome is diagnosed by your psychiatrist and/or psychologist.

Can aspergers get married?

Yes, but it's tricky and the spouse of such a person will need help.

What is ashburner sydrome?

Its called Aspergers Syndrome.

How do you get Aspergers Syndrome?

Usually you are born and diagnosed with it

Are aspergers syndrome and huningtons disease connected?


Are aspergers syndrome and huntingtons disease connected?


Is there a high rate of Aspergers Syndrome among engineers?

ANYONE can have Asperger's Syndrome.

Is asburgeres and aspergers the same?

Close, asburgeres sounds similar to aspergers. Asburgeres specifically does not exist but aspergers does. Other names for aspergers is asperger(s) syndrome and autistic psychopathy which is the original name for aspergers.

What risks are in having surgery if you have Aspergers syndrome?

The risks of surgery is no different for someone with Asperger's than a "normal" person.

How does a person with Asperger's Syndrome become popular?

A person with Aspergers can become popular by just being themselves. If they're nice, people will come to them for who they are, not what they have.

What is the correct spelling for aspergers syndrome?

With capitalization, the correct spelling isAsperger's Syndrome or simply Asperger Syndrome.

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Are people with aspergers syndrome selfish?

some are, but not all

What is Asperger's syndrome sometimes called?

Aspergers Syndrome can be called: Aspergers, High-Functioning Autism, or you could just call it Autism, because it's a type of Autism.

How do you divorce someone with aspergers?

From reading that question it seems to me that before marrying your husband or wife you didn't know that they had Aspergers and now that you know that they have Aspergers you wish to divorce them. The person that you married is still the same person that you married even though that now they have been diagnosed with Aspergers. Now that they have been diagnosed things could be made generally better for your husband or wife. If you wish to divorce somebody with Aspergers then it is just the same as divorcing anybody else.

Did Nicola Tesla have Aspergers Syndrome?

There is nothing in his bibliography to indicate that he had Aspergers' Syndrome. He may have had OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and had a photographic memory. He was also antisocial and very opinionated.

What are the odds of people with Asperger's Syndrome getting married?

I don't think there are fixed odds of people with Aspergers getting married, mainly because you can't speak for everyone with Aspergers as a whole. Some Aspies would like the idea, some wouldn't, it really depends on who you ask.

Can women with aspergers live happy married lives and have children?

Yes!, infact many women with aspergers DO get married