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A driver with a permit can only drive if someone with a license is in the car.


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Can a person that has a provisional (temporary) permit do traffic school? If one has a permit, one would think, they would be qualified to teach traffic school.

Yes, on private property or on a drivers school closed track.

Not without a person over the age of 21 in the car with you (:

No....In all states, this is a big! With the exception of a licensed driver 18 or older.

yes u do because u can't get a permit without a smoke m.

no, if you're 17 you can get your license without having your permit. but if you don't have your license.... no driving by yourself!

If you are under 18 years of age, you need to have a work permit in order to work in Apple Valley. You can get a work permit through your local high school.

You must have had your learners permit for 6 months and you must have taken a drivers ed class and passed.

you have to be 14 to get a school drivers permit in Iowa

Can you please tell me if you can drive to and from school if you have a Nevada permit?

yes , you are supposed to go to Driving school in order to get your permit .

A school permit is a driver's permit for a young person who can only use it so that he or she may drive to SCHOOL ONLY. In some states, the legal age for obtaining a driver's license is 16, 17 or 18. If you are 14 or 15 years old, your state may issue a school permit so that you may be able to drive yourself to school. A parent or sibling are USUALLY the only other passengers allowed to ride in the same vehicle, with you as the driver.

You can work at Braum's at the age of 14 if you have a work permit. With a work permit, you can only work 3 hours on a school day and 8 hours on a non-school day and only a total of 15 hours a week. You can work at Braum's at 16 without a work permit.

A work permit is usually obtained through you school. Check in the school office and they can tell you were to get one in your school district.

Most of the time the person will have to get a workers permit from his/her guidence counselor.

No, you may not drive to the driving school without a licensed driver at any time! This is considered illegal, not to mention risky concerning insurance laws! A driver with a learner's permit must always have a licensed driver in the vehicle. You're still learning to drive, which is why it's called a learner's permit and not a license.

it matters if your under 16 you have to be with a person that is over 21 but if you over 16 you don't have to drive with a adultYou get your school drivers permit at 14

yes getting your license or permit has nothing to do with being in school.

You have to be 11 years old, but you also need a legal permit that you can get from your school office. Without the permit, you're not getting farther than pulling your neighbor's weeds.

You can work for neighbors getting payed little by little. or you could go to the judge that sighed your emancipated papers and get a work permit, then take it to your school.

Generally, Iowa schools allow students who have had their driving permit for over 6 months and have taken Drivers Ed to get a school permit. This allows the student to drive on a direct route to and from school and to and from school sports/activities.

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