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For best health, pet rats are best kept in temperatures between 60 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. This is to avoid the respiratory ailments. Pet rats can live in colder temperatures, but their lifespan will be decreased. If it freezes, your rat might die right away, especially if they do not have adequate insulated shelter, and other rats to snuggle with. If they are just in a cage with no shelters (boxes, rags, etc) inside it, they will definitely die, unless you live in a shady tropical paradise. Direct sun on a very warm day can also overheat them. If there are wild snakes or other predators that can get through the bars, rats may be eaten, killed, or injured. A neighbor's cat might harass and terrify the rats, even if they cannot get in to physically hurt them. Animals can die of fright, and rats are very sweet and sensitive little creatures. Have their cage inside the house where it's safe and warm if you can. They're worth it! Also, it is best to always have two or more rats, because a single rat can get lonely and bored, as you are not always there to play with them, especially when they are awake at night.

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Q: Can a pet rat live outdoors in a cage?
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Where do you make pet rat live?

make a small home for your pet rat, like a cage and put toilet rolls, a ball, you can put LOADS of things in the cage to make your rat happy.

What is better to keep a pet rat in an aquarium or cage?

A cage.

Were do pet rats live?

I have got a pet rat and she lives in a very large cage upsatirs in my house, with ropes,tubes,tunnels, ect ect

How do you get your pet rat to move out of his cage?

You put cheese in the doorway

Where does a pet rat live?

You should house your pet rat in a cage with aspen shavings for bedding. A water bottle and a food dish. Don't put the cage in direct sunlight or near any drafts. It is best if you 2 get rats at one time so they can keep each other company while you are not home to play with them. You can put some toys in the cage for your rat to play with. The cage should be 2 feet by 2 feet by 1 foot for each rat you own.

Can a full grown rat fit into a hamster cage?

No. Hamster rat cage don't have enough space to pet rats. You can use Midwest Critter Nation rat cage. It has plenty of space to play and move around. You can check the reviews here- bestratpoisons. com/rat-cage-for-2-rats

Why does my pet rat keep getting out of his cage. does he want to mate or is he just exploringfollowing a sent?

Every small animal's biggest goal is to be out of their cage, how would YOU like to live in a cage? All this means is that he is bored or claustrophobic.

What do you need to take good care of a pet rat?

start with a good cage for the rat, get rat food and water. remember to take it out of its cage a lot so it doesn't get scared when it needs to. also have a great friendship together.

What do pet rats sleep in?

a pet rat can sleep in alot of things that are in its cage. my rat sleeps in a tissue box which has one side of it cut off and in there, is some tissue for it to sleep on.

Where is the best place to get a pet rat and cage from?

Petco and Paridise Pets Walmart is cheap for cages though than the others. What i did was buy the rat at Paridise pets and bought the cage at walmart.

Can your pet rat live out side?

Absolutely not!

Can a rat and a mouse live in the same cage?

no they'll fight

Can a blue rat and a standard rat live together in the same cage?

It might depend on what type of rat it is or where did came from or is it vicious.

Do pet rats smell?

they don't really smell the rat but the cage and if your rat dose Smell you can give him or her a bath use cat shampoo to be safe.

Will your cat eat your pet rat?

well if u keep it in the cage no but keep it somewere the cat get get near it

How do you find a lost pet rat?

If you trained it, you should be able to call its name, so it comes. If not, choose a food your rat like and set it out, keep the cage open so the rat can get in!

What is a good kind of cage for a pet rat?

A good cage for a pet rat is one made of coated wire that is made for rats and provides adequate ventilation. The size of the cage is also important. You'll need adequate room for that rat or rats to sleep, play, eat and have room to run around.Critter Nation cages are a great option that are made well for pet rats. Super Pets My First Home for Exotics are great cages as well.

Where can you buy a rat cage in the western cape?

Just use a large bird cage, or a rabbit cage. My rat has a rabbit cage, and she's as happy as can be. My old rat had a bird cage, and he was perfectly fine.

Can a pet rat live on its own?

Yes with a little love.

How long can a pet rat live for?

Approximately three years.

Will a baby rat be compatible with a parakeet and can they live together in the same cage?

since no one has answered you... I thought I would let you know my rat killed and ate my two gerbils. I let her out for a while and she found a way into the gerbil cage and she attacked them. ick. Another rat I had killed it's cage mate (rat).

Is it safe for a pet rat to be in a wire mesh cage?

No, they can get bumblefoot. It's pretty nasty, like an overgrown blister.

What animal would a pet store employee hate to find has escaped from its cage?

snake, bird, dog, rat

Can a ferret live in a rat cage?

not really, unless it is a VERY big rat cage, an enclosure or a rabbit hutch with a run would be better. yes. a ferret can have said cage as long as the bottom of the cage isn't wire, because it is uncomfortable for a ferrets feet. A rat cage if way too small to house a ferret, they need a lot of space

Are pet mice freindly?

Yes, pet mice are usually friendly. I held a mouse at the pet store and it was a being a calm little mouse. Mice are also funny. Sometimes, you will see a bunch of them on an exercise wheel at the pet store and the wheel will go all the way around and some mice fall off. They are nice, cute, funny, and if you are interested in buying one, then you should go to your local pet store. I have 2 pet rats at my house. Never put a rat cage and a mouse cage next to each other, or the mouse will be scared. Also, a rat and a mouse should NEVER be in the same cage, unless you want a dead mouse and an angry rat. The rat will eat the mouse.