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As long as they have a valid medical license then yes, they can prescribe medications.

Unfortunately for the person asking this question, the answer is you don't - your physician does. My guess is that you are asking this question because you have somehow managed to obtain blank prescription forms and plan on writing the prescription all on your own. Please know this is fraud and you'll get busted about 35-40% of the time. Remember the arrest of Noelle Bush? The daughter of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, you know - the Niece of President George W. Bush?? She was arrested for prescription fraud. FYI - Prescription Fraud is punishable by up to 5 years in prison

It depends on the prescription - most doctor's won't because they recognize that a second opinion is valuable.Legally, so long as the prescription is not for a controlled substance, a doctor can write a prescription for him- or herself, and for members of his or her family and/or friends. A doctor cannot write any prescriptions for any controlled substances for a member of the family or for friends.

Yes, mixing Adderall and Vyvanse can be extremely harmful to the body. Both medications are CNS stimulants, and have very serious side effects on their own. The combination can be dangerous. Do not attempt this unless your physician informed you to do so. Even if you had a prior prescription to Adderall and later have Vyvanse added, the physician should know about your prior prescription and inform you of how to switch over. It is always recommended you inform your physician if you take Adderall before being prescribed anything from them (unless of course they are your primary physician or caregiver, in which case they will already know)

There are different remedies, such as tea tree oil that may help. However, consulting your physician and getting a prescription is the best bet. A lot of the time fungal infections won't go away on their own.

The ISBN of In His Own Write is 0684868075.

Yes he dose write his own music

It might help, however since the health industry in America wields so much power, good luck getting one. My advice- write your own!

If you really need it for your own health you can. You might (depending on the airline) have to have the prescription with you though.

John Lennon wrote In His Own Write.

No,she do not write her own material by herself.

In His Own Write has 80 pages.

It is illegal to buy medication for your own use under another person's prescription.

Yes , Nickelback write their own songs .

Yes, they write their own songs.

yes, skillet does write their own songs

Yes, ludacris does write his own lyrics.

Yes, they write their own material.

She doesn't write her own songs.

Yes. Unless you have a prescription to use this drug.With a prescription you are allowed to grow a few plants if you choose to do so for your own use.

Your interest or our interest. Decide!! If ur then write it on your own and if our.... Still write it on your own!! Ha!! Ha!! Kidding. but plz write it on your own!

no she can't even write her own name!

Yes, they actually write their own songs and music.

Does Jessica Mauboy write her own songs?

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