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Q: Can a police come into your house for a vehicle that needs to be repossed?
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Does a police officer need a search warrant to enter your house with the suspicion of you drinking and driving?

A police officer is not allowed to enter someone's house if the person is suspected of drunken driving. The evidence needs to be collected while the person is still driving.

Does a vehicle have to have an EGR for the vehicle to function if not how is it disabled?

If it came with it on there it needs it.

In Canada how many mirrors are required on a street legal vehicle?

The Canadian Traffic and Safety Act dictates that a vehicle only needs the rearview mirror to be street-legal. Wing mirrors and any other mirrors on a vehicle are not actually required for legality. Source: I work for the Edmonton Police Force as a Traffic Cop.

What are some of the needs for discipline in the police force?


What is a job that needs courage?

Firefighters and police men

The carpet in their house needs to be replaced the walls should be repainted?

the carpet in their house needs to be replaced and the walls repainted

What is the motto of Thunder Bay Police Service?

The motto of Thunder Bay Police Service is 'Committed to Community Needs'.

Why does a police officer need a walkie talkie?

the police needs a walky talky so they can communicate with each other

What is the application format to FIR to police station?

An applicant needs to visit the police station and ask for an abstract if he needs to make an application to FIR. Based on the information asked, FIR can then disclose.

What needs to needs done upon PCM replacement?

In some cases the new PCM has to be "flashed" or reprogrammed to match the vehicle's needs.

Who should you call if your neighbor has a vehicle in front of his house that he says he's hiding for a friend because it's wanted by the repo man?

If it is sitting in front of a house it can't really be considered hidden. The owner of the vehicle (unless a court has issued a warrant for the owner or seizure order for the vehicle), can park the car wherever he/she chooses. I see no reason why anyone else needs to get involved. There aren't any laws being violated by not reporting the alledged "wanted vehicle."

Do you have to answer police while being questioned as a witness?

poo on my needs to flow?

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