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Yes, a police officer may carry a rifle on their person.

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Q: Can a police officer carry around a rifle?
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Why police should carry handguns?

Very generally speaking, police officers carry handguns because they need them for personal protection when they don't have access to a rifle or shotgun. Many police officers have rifles or shotguns in their cruiser, but it's very inconvenient to walk around with one of those all day.

Do spca agents carry guns?

It depends on the State. In New York State, Agents or Officers of a SPCA are Full Time Peace Officers with Full Police Powers. In New York SPCA Officers carry, the same weapons as any police officer, included but not limited to handguns, long guns (patrol rifle), Taser, Batons, OC Spray.

Do you have to have a permit or license to carry a 22 caliber rifle in your vehicle?

You do not give enough information to answer the question. Get a lawyer or ask your local police.

Is it legal to carry a loded rifle in Kentucky?

When you're afield hunting, yes. If you're walking through downtown Lexington, you're not going to be able to carry a loaded rifle around with you, however.

Did George Washington carry a gun or rifle?

i think a rifle:)

Can an eighteen year old in Alabama carry a rifle?

Contact your local police to find out what the laws are about carring long guns in the portion of AL where you live.

When do marines carry their rifle at a tactical carry?

no immediate threat is present

How can you find out if a rifle is stolen?

Ask the police.

Who uses the rifle?

Military, Police, Civilians

You find my rifle?

You need to contact the police

How far will a 3378 rifle travel?

the rifle itself will only travel as far as you carry it

Do you have to register a rifle in S.C.?

Ask your local police.

How do you tell if a Remington rifle is stolen?

Contact the police

What gun did Mad Dan Morgan carry?


Can an 18 year old carry a gun in their car in Texas?

Any sort of rifle yes, but it must be out of arms reach and not loaded, and if pulled over by an officer you must tell them where its at and if its loaded or not.

What is the age to have a rifle premit in Ireland?

Contact your local police.

How do you discharge a rifle in your back yard?

Check with the police first.

What is the best rifle that can carry if there is zombies?

The one you're proficient with.

What should you carry with you while playing airsoft?

Well first off, if you have a pistol get a holster. A holster is around your belt at your side, and then a rifle at front. A sling with the rifle would be good because if you run out of ammo on your rifle, than put it on your back with your sling and take your pistol out.

How do you register a rifle?

Contact your local police to see if there is even a requirment.

What is the best rifle in the military?

There is no ONE best for everything. A great rifle to carry on patrol in jungle is not the rifle for making 1000 meter shots in a desert climate.

Does every member of a machine gun team carry a rifle?


What type of rifle to cops carry?

That varies between departments/agencies.

What do you think we need for a hunter costume?

A hunter is a very easy costume to make. All he needs to do to make a hunter costume is to dress in camoflage and carry around a fake rifle. If he wants to get really creative, he could carry around a stuffed deer toy.

Can you carry a rifle in your car in Texas?

Yes, subject to Texas law on doing such. In most states, they must be unloaded and stored separate from the ammo. You need to email the Texas State Police to find out what their conditions are.