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Can a police officer marry a convicted felon?


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A police officer can Marry anyone he wants


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Yes, if they are man and woman.

yes you can get married but the felon on probation will not be allowed around the other felon due to the probation arrangement Update: If you are going to marry a felon, most likely your probation officer probably already approved it and most cases you will be able to marry and live with that felon.

There is no restriction against such.

You wonder why you married it. Why marry a dog?

Yes, it is perfectly legal.

sure Actually, the answer is usually yes, but occassionally, requirements of parole will restrict felons associating with other felons.

He is certainly free to do so, but I'm not sure what it would do for his career. He had better check with his agency to see how this might affect him. It may even be a 'firing' offense.

depends on what the felone did? He was in federal prison for guns for almost 10 years.

They can, but it's not a good career move for them. Not to mention they wouldn't be able to bring their service or backup weapon home, nor keep any firearms in their home, as a felon is prohibited from owning, possessing, or being allowed any access to firearms.

Yes, unless the terms of one's release prohibits association with a convicted felon. In that case, they may marry, but may suffer legal consequences. Oh, they also cannot marry if there are the same sex.

Can a is felon go to Canada if they marry a Canadian citizen

Yeah, sure they would make a good team

In the state of Va, u will lose your section 8 voucher if u marry a convicted felon. I myself met a really nice guy,hard working, but had drug charges long before. When I inquired with our local housing authority about getting married they said due to his drug convictions, my voucher will be terminated. Hope this helps

Sure they can marry, but no felon from a foreign country can gain legal entry into the United States, much less legal status. They are persona non grata.

Check your lease agreement. If it is not stated in your lease agreement that felons are not permitted, then you have not broken any part of the agreement and the landlord is in violation of your contract. Sue him for breach.

Yes, you are free to marry; a felony conviction does not disqualify you for marriage, and immigrants are similarly free to marry.

I consent to a search by the police officer.He did not have consent to touch her in this way.

Sure, if they want to. There's no inherent conflict of interest, although the the lawyer made need to recuse herself from cases where the policeman is a witness.

No, it is not illegal for a felon to date a person in law enforcement. In the US, a person is free to marry or date whom they want.

why would someone want to do that? Find yourself a God fearing man who isn't a felon.

Take it to Wendy in Hipstoria. She kisses you. Now take the ring to Wendy. She says she will marry you, and gives you a donut. This donut can be traded in with the police officer in Midtown for a cop car.

Assuming we are talking about the United States, the short answer is no, it does not affect your ability to own one. However, having it in the same house may possibly be an issue. A felon cannot own or possess firearms, but if the felon lives in a house with a firearm, but absolutely cannot access it, he technically hasn't broken any law, but, it's possible that it could be a problem if some legal issue arose. The best thing to do might be to check with your local or state district attorney.

They are not. Up until the mid-twentieth century, the Swiss police were not allowed to marry if they carried a weapon.

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