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Can a police officer sign as a notary?

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Not unless he is a registered notary public.

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Can a police officer sign a notary public?

Not unless they are a registered notary.

Can a police officer notarize?

Only if he is a notary public.

Can police officer sign as notary?

No it has to be a registered notary. Most real estate offices have one or more that will notarize for a fee.Added: There are no laws prohibiting law enforcement officers from becoming, or functioning as, a state commissioned Notary. However they WOULD actually have to be state commissioned. Police officers are not automatically granted Notary powers simply by virtue of their status as sworn law enforcement officers.

In Canada who can sign as a notary public?

Only a notary public can sign. Often Lawyers are also Notary Publics as well.

Is a notary advocate a gazetted officer?

yes,the notary is gazzetted officer in as much as central government published the list of notary as gazzetted officer in the gazzette notification published by the 1st week of january/2008 and a notary is also appointed by gazzete notification

Is a will valid in Texas if Notary forgot to sign?

If the notary forgot to sign, the document is not notarized.

What happens with a police officer gives you a ticket and you dont sign it?

In some place you will go to jail, it others it does not matter. If the officer asks you to sign, sign. You are not admitting to anything.

How do you stop Sweden?

With a red-light, and a police officer with a stop sign.

Does a notary stamp requires a signature?

The notary must sign.

In Canada where can you find a notary public?

A law enforcement officer is a notary public.

What happens if a police officer doesn't have you to sign a citation is it still valid?

If a police officer doesn't have a person to sign their ticket, the ticket is still valid in any state. It is only a myth that the ticket will be thrown out of court.

Is notary a gazetted officer?


Does a cosigner have to sign a document in front of a notary?

If the signer had to sign in front of a notary, so does the co-signer.

When to stop at intersections?

When controlled by a stop sign or signal and at the direction of a police officer.

Who can sign a notary letter?


Does a police officer get to do a no stop at a stop sign in a police vehicle not in a chase?

The police should obey the law just like everyone else.

Is notary public is the gazzetted officer?


Is notary laywer a gazetted officer in India?


Can a notary sign for a document sign of a person not capable to understand what their doing?

Notaries don't notarize documents, they notarize signatures. A notary is simply certifying that the signature on the document is actually the signature of the person it appears to be. The notary makes no warranties or certifications about the contents of the document or what it does. A notary rarely even reads the document. Instead, he/she will look at the signor's identification, watch them sign, and then sign and stamp as notary.

Can a notary sign and serve a notice?


What are sojac signs?

Notary sign

What can a police officer ask you if you are a police officer?

If you are a police officer you would not need to ask. A police officer doing his duty will treat another police officer as any member of the public (if they are out of uniform and off duty).

How can you become a police officer?

Join the law academy. Or go to college and sign up for that job.

What should a notary do if a person forgerd her signature?

A forged notarization, where the person claims to be a notary, should be reported to the agency that grants notary licenses and they will instruct you on how to continue. A forged signature, of a notary but not claiming to be a notary, is reported to the police.

If you are a notary public how do you notarize something?

You stamp it with your little Notary stamp, and then you sign your name under it.