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Q: Can a pregnancy test that comes back negative be wrong if you are still having symptoms of pregnancy?
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If you take a pregnancy test and it comes out negative but you the pregnancy symptoms Could you be pregnant?

You could by a small chance, but, you might also imagine the symptoms (phantom pregnancy). Or your pregnancy is too small at the moment. Try testing again in a week or two (when your period hasn't started). If still negative and you got the symptoms and no period then go see a doctor.

How can you tell when you are not pregnant?

If you get your period or when you take a pregnancy test 14 days after having sex and it comes up negative.

Is it normal for everyone to suspect your pregnant because of symptoms but you dont feel it yourself?

Most people will automatically jump to the conclusion that you are pregnant, if you are displaying symptoms of pregnancy! Office gossip always has to have a latest subject!!!! Remember that all of the signs and symptoms of pregnancy, could also have other reasons as to why they are happening to your body. Take a pregnancy test and if it comes back negative, check out your symptoms with your Dr.

What should you do when your pregnancy test comes up negative but you have all the symptoms of pregnancy including a short period?

GO to your gyn he'll draw up some blood and urine test,maybe even a sonogram. hope this will be of some help.

How do you differentiate pregnancy nausea from actually being sick or can't you?

You differentiate pregnancy nausea from non-pregnancy nausea by taking a pregnancy test. And if it comes out negative your "not" pregnant.

Is it possible to have pregnancy symptoms only for the first couple of weeks?

For some it comes early and subsides early as well.

I have had pregnancy symptoms for 2 months now but had a regular period i have taken the hpt but comes out negative could i still be pregnant?

You might be pregnant but still be bleeding if so take a test or go for a blood test x

What happens when a man pees on a home pregnancy test?

Nothing. It comes as pregnancy negative. Pregnancy test relies on the presence of Beta HCG in the urine for the detection of pregnancy. It is absent in normal healthy male.

What are the implications of having type a negative blood?

The negative blood comes from the rhesus scale. So type A negative blood means you are rH negative. This poses a potential problem during pregnancy if the mother is rH negative and the father is rH positive. In that case the mother will receive a rhogam shot during pregnancy and right after birth to prevent the potential mixing of blood between mother and child from causing a serious reaction in the mother's body.

Is second pregnancy test recommended after the negative one?

Yes. Sometimes pregnancy tests are not 100% correct. Even if the second test comes out negative I would recommend that you go see your doctor. They can just give you a pregnancy test there and then you will know for sure. :)

If you have pms symptoms could you be pregnant?

Yes, possibly. It's one of the horribly tricky things our body does to us that early pregnancy symptoms are so similar to PMS symptoms. Pregnancy can cause irritability and mood swings, sore breasts, and even cramping and spotting. Wait and see if your period comes normally; if not then you should go buy a home pregnancy test.

If you are having a lot of pregnancy symptoms but a home pregnancy test was negative could you still be pregnant?

Yes, you may just be taking the test too early. I am 4 weeks pregnant and had symptoms very early on but every test I took was negative because I was testing too early (I'm a bit impatient as this is my first pregnancy). It wasn't until one day before I was to start my period that I got a definitive positive on my HPT. If you haven't missed your period yet, wait and then test again. Good luck. Yes. You can have a home pregnancy test that comes back negative. In fact my older sister took many pregnancy test that came back negative when she was in fact pregnant. Her doctor told her that a urine test would not come back positive for her, and that she would always need to have a blood test to check for pregncny. That was four years ago, but when she took a home pregnancy test last month it too came back negative, when she in fact was pregnant. I would recommend that you go to the doctor and have a blood test done to confirm that you are or are not pregnant

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