Can a pregnant 15yr old get married to her 20yr old boyfriend?

Today's laws are a little more difficult to interpret than when I was growing up. From my understanding of the law, it is only legal with parents consent, however, I must point out that it involves much more than your parents just saying "yes".

If your parents consent to this marriage there are procedures that must be followed. I suggest have your parents call an Attorney that specializes in this type of legal area and find out more. I do know that a motion must be filed to the courts and the parents and persons desiring to be married must appear before a judge. The judge will listen to the case and the pros & cons, advise both the parents and the couple and then rule on whether or not this marriage can be sanctioned under state or federal law.

Though it has been a few years, my parents did this for my 15 year old sister, although she was not pregnant, to marry a man of I believe 23.