Can a pregnant 17-year-old move out with her 20-year-old boyfriend?

No a 17 year old cannot move out of the house without her parents consent, If you leave your house before you are 18 years old ... especially since the guy is 20 .. your parents can have him arrested, and I'm sure they will. Once 18 you can do whatver you want, until then sorry hun America's rules. Him being 20 and you being 17 .. that is considered statuatory rape

-- well, if you live in Michigan, the age of Majority is 18, but of you move out at 17, the police will not take you home. You technically cannot be reported as a runaway, because according to MCL, you are NOT considered a minor. a Minor is a person LESS THAN the age of 17, and the juvenile court will have no say in what happens to you.