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Can a pregnant guinea pig live in same cage as a male?


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My friend kept her male and female piggys together when the female was pregnant, and it seemed fine. If they're getting along, you can probably keep them together, if they're having problems, separate them. However, remove the male as soon as the female has the babies.

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it will get fat,stay in the corner of the cage and mate with a male or if u have a male it will mate with a femaleThrough sex with a male guinea pig

no, if the guineapigs cannot escape from their cage and physically touch each other then they will not mate

With separate sides and protection

Well,the girl guinea pig will choose a boy because they will be all over here and then get pregnent.Maybe she can get pregnant by diffrent male guinea pigs but i think it is unlikely.

No it is a male it is simply impossible for a male guinea pig to get pregnant

NO!!! guinea pigs and rabbits can NEVER live together, the rabbit could kick the guinea pig and end up killing him!!

no, guinea pigs and rabbits should not be in the same cage.

Guinea pigs are like people. Some will fight but most don't. I have one female guinea pig that will fight with any male guinea pig and another female that will not fight. But unless you want a pregnant guinea pig I suggest you don't mix them.

a guinea pig can not get pregnant without a male.

No! It is not possible without a male Guinea Pig.

Guinea pigs can't stop giving birth because of their environment. If there is a male in the cage he will fight the babies and mate with the female again.

No! The male guinea pig should be in separate cage IF the babies are still young or a week of age because the male might rape the female baby guinea pig...and it might cause for the early death of the of the baby guinea pig...

Try to put them in a small cage together.

Your female guinea pig may be pregnant, or the male thinks she is pregnant. This is often i sign of cleansing.

Every rabbit should have it's own cage, period.

Not unless it is the father, take out the father 2 weeks before birth as the mother can become pregnant 2 hours after birth, this is fatal to the baby's and mother, the father may kill the baby's if left in same cage after birth. thank you hope i helped

Male Guinea Pigs (Nor Females) do NOT eat the babies, however, the Males should be removed from the cage just before birth because the Mother can become pregnant again within hours of delivery, and this is dangerous to her.

Yes, but it depends on your guinea pig if it is dominant over the other guinea pig when you introduce them and you want to keep the other guinea pig you should have a very large cage so there wont be too many fights. When you have a male and a female together you should neuter the male before the female becomes pregnant. Don't put the males to live with each other.They will fight over dominance.

No. The male guinea pig shouldn't be in the cage or otherwise he could make the female pregnant again once she's given birth. This is very dangerous. Also when the baby guinea pigs are 2-3 weeks you should put the boys with the dad and the girls with the mom. Not in the same cage though. Anyway, good luck!

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