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== == Yes, if you left on ill terms by your former employer he/she most certainly tell a future employer why. Most companies don't bother to do this, but in cases of an employee, fighting with other employees, using drugs at work, missing a lot of time from work; stealing, etc., they most certainly can. If there was only a personality conflict it's best to be honest with your possible new employer and just say it in a mild and nice way and kept it short and to the point, and don't put the former boss down too much. Lie if you have too and say you were going to quit anyway. If this is the case some employers will give you a chance. I deal with this in this way.................... If asked about a former employee, I will say this........Fired, and would NOT be re-hired by me. The facts and nothing but the facts. Even in companies that have a "neutral reference" policy, a manager can clue a potential employer into a really horrible situation. If someone was terminated for stealing $1,000 or assaulting another employee, I'd just answer every question with "I'm sorry, you'll have to contact our legal department about that question." After 4 or 5 of those answers, the potential employer gets the idea. On the other hand, for minor infractions like excessive tardiness or absenteeism, most employers don't want to affect your future earning power and will not mention it. If you're concerned what information a potential reference may be giving out here are two suggestions. 1) Call your former employer and ask, "May I put you down as a reference." Often if they're not comfortable saying good things about you, they'll say no. 2) Have a friend call and check your references.

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Q: Can a previous employer reveal that you were terminated from them in Phoenix Arizona?
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