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The only questions they are "supposed" to answer is How long you worked there and What type of employee were you considered while under their employ for the specific job that you were hired to do. They can verify the amount of pay you made and if you were punctual.

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Can your employer contact you while covered with a sick note?

can a employer contact you while you are covered by a sick note

When applying for a new job can new employers ask your old employer how many sick days you had?

To my knowledge, employers can ask about your attendance. They are NOT permitted to ask why you were out of the office. They are NOT permitted to ask questions about your religious or sexual orientations. They are not permitted to ask specifics about whether or not the previous employer thinks you are ugly or a liar or whatever. If the potential employer does ask these, you can file a lawsuit. If the previous employer makes untruthful, slanderous statements about you, you can also file a lawsuit.

Is is legal for a employer to offer no sick time pay no matter how long you have worked for a Company?

No the employer will have to give you sick leave once a year .

Can your employer withhold your pay if you fail to report in sick?

He can for the day that you claimed to be sick.

Can your employer fire you if your sick in Texas?


Osteoarthritis how much sick pay would you get?

That would depend on the insurance that covers you or what type of deal you made with your employer.

How many hours do you have to work before your employer has to pay you sick pay?

Sick pay is unregulated. It is a gift from some employers, and the rules are whatever the employer says.

Can an employer fire someone for calling out sick?


Can your employer make you work when you are signed off sick?


When on suspension can you then sent in sick note?

You suspension is as long as your employer says. You cannot change it to sick leave, even if sick.

If you call in sick without a sick note can an employer ask you to come in?

Yes they can tell you that you have to come in.

What do I do if my employer will not pay me?

If the employer will not pay for hours worked, contact your STATE employment commission. If the employer will not pay for vacation or sick leave, you have no appeal.

Do you have to reply to your employer when he is proposing different working hours while you are off sick?

I am currently off on sick and my employer is proposing different working times. do i have to reply, or accept this proposal

What are the force sick time off laws in Florida Employer out sick employee force to take a sick day is that legal?

sick is like my friend asher he is gay

Does the employer have the right to threaten to terminate the employee when the employee had to take a sick day because the employee was ill?

Certainly. The employer can threaten anything with no laibility. Some employer ACTS are prohibited if the employer is large enough to be subject to EEO laws [15+ employees]. If an employer offers sick leave, it may set any rules it wishes about who can use that gift.

Is an employer legally allowed to ask an employee why he orshe is calling out sick?

An employer is legally allowed to ask an employee why he or she is calling out sick. In addition, they can ask for evidence on the same including a letter from the doctor.

What is the number of sick days an employer must give you?

3-5 days depending on the employer and the state.ANSWERThere are no state laws requiring that you must be paid for any days that you are sick and unable to work.

Can employer claim sick pay paid from a personal injury claim?

In general an employee has no right under employment law to be paid while on sick leave. Consequently, it is at the discretion of the employer to decide his/her own policy on sick pay and sick leave, subject to the employee's contract or terms of employment.

If you are signed off sick by your doctor can your employer ask you to come into work?


Can an employer take away sick and personal days from employees?


What is the maximum amount of advanced sick leave?

Depends on your employer. No one answer.

Can your employer make you use your vacation time for sick days in GA?


Do you get paid your accrued sick time if you are laid off?

sick leave and vacation are unregulated. There is no general answer to your question - it is employer specific.

Does the employer pay sick leave for the first 3 days out when having surgery?

It depends on the employer's sick leave policies.

Can your employer make you use your vacation time for sick days in Georgia?