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More than likely, however you will still end up owing a balance on the car and the primary signer and co signer will still be responsible for the balance.


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You don't need the permission of the cosigner on a loan to dispose of your property.If they're a co-owner, then you do need their consent, regardless of whether they're also a "co-signer" or not.

As in relocating, not without the permission of the court.

NO! as a matter of fact it may be deamed a criminal act. You can however try to get the courts permission if your ex is resisting it.

Not without the permission of the primary residential parent. see links

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Yes. The primary listed insured is also the owner of the policy. The primary insured can add or remove additional insureds as they see fit.

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You must be 18 without parental permission.

With joint legal, one is still primary and thus has the authority to do so, but not without first discussing it with the other parent.

That actually depends upon what it is that you are using. If you use someone's car without permission, that is called stealing. If you use someone's movie without permission, that is called piracy. If you use someone's body without permission, that is called rape.

No If by moving the party means a move within the jurisdiction of the court that mandated the custodial order, then yes, you may relocate. If the question refers to relocating outside of said jurisdiction, the primary custodial will need the written notarized permission of the non primary custodial parent and/or permission from the court.

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She can not get married without parents or the courts permission.

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NO!!!!!! The only way they can is by written permission or verbal permission..

If the signature was not only forged but done without the knowledge of the person, the party involve has a bigger problem than a "repo". Be that as it may, the agreement was made fraudulently and the lender has the right to reposession and recovery of expenses, by whatever means necessary.

i am the buyer made payments but the co buyer has the car and has not made any payments what are may rights Very generally speaking, cobuyers (cosigners) have the same rights to the vehicle as the primary buyer, however, you may or may not have the right to take possession of the vehicle without permission of the buyer. Some states have specific laws about taking possession of a vehicle under those circumstances.

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