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Can a private person have a car repossessed?


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Yes a private person can have a car repo'd but if the car was stolen like you stated then you must report this to your local police and let the piece of trash that stole it go to jail.

Yes, you can have a car repoed. BUT if its been 'stolen" as you posted, wouldn't that be putting a repoman in danger ???That's why very few repo cos. do "private party repos." few people take the time to get the paperwork right, ect. Then they want it done for almost nothing. Its best to leave the "stolen" cars to the cops and the financing to the lenders.


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Yes. If the person repossessing the car finds it then they can take it!

When a car has been repossessed the person paying the insurance should cancel it.

Yes, a car can be repossessed even if another car is in front of it. The person in charge of repossession the vehicle can call the police to help them get the car.

You should discuss this with an attorney, but the investigation will likely center on the person it was repossessed from.

Yes, there are some instances that a person can get a repossessed car back in the state of Iowa. If the person pays all the money owed plus a repo fee, the car may be returned.

The owner of the car (person(s)) who took the loan on the car are responsible

if i get my car repossessed, can they put a llien on the house?

Your car was probably repossessed by the lender who owns the car until you pay for it. Call your lender and they will be able to tell you how to locate your repossessed car.

The person who bought the car didn't make payments so the bank takes it back.

No, a car can not be repossessed due to having no registration. A car can be repossessed for non payment. The police can have a car towed to an impound lot if there is no registration.

No, but your car can be repossessed if you don't make the payments.

then you go and kick that person and repposses that car.... They call cops and you ignore those guys....

A Chauffeur is a person that drives a private car for someone.

if the car dealership does not pay for the car in full or pay their bills then the car would most likely be repossessed

Once a car is repossessed, the bank resells it at auctions to make back the money lost on them.

No. Your car gets repossessed, it's on you. You don't get to pass that on to someone else.

Your car can be repossessed if you miss one payment. Not likely they would do that but it is possible.

I have a welding machine on the truck they repossessed can they keep that?

A car that is actually YOURS cannot be repossessed, as it's paid off. If you have a vehicle being repossessed, they're able to do this because it's actually the finance company which owns that vehicle and possesses their title. A recovery agent can, on behalf of the lienholder, go onto private property in order to recover the lienholder's property - with limitations. They cannot cross a locked gate, and they cannot enter a locked building.

When you cosign for anyone you are taking 100% responsibility for the payments on that car. If the person that gets the car doesn't keep their payments up it will be repossessed by the bank with an option for the cosigner to take over payments or sell the car and pay back the loan. Marcy

No. That would not only result in a breach of peace charge, but probably trespass and tampering with private property as well.

If you have had a car repossessed, you have not kept up with the payments. You probably still owe money on the repossessed car. In these circumstances, the fact is that you can not afford to purchase another car and would not be able to obtain the finance to do so.

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