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Can a public limited company issue debentures for more than its asset value?

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What is meant by unsecured non convertible debentures?

these are those debentures which are not charge against any asset and cannot be converted into equity shares

That your asset to a company?

tell me how any one asset to the company

How do you be an asset in a company?

to perform well in your company can be my great asset

Asset in a sentence?

My new Co worker was an asset to our company.

What is an intangible asset?

An intangible assset is an asset that is not physical in nature such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, business methodologies, goodwill and brand recognition.An asset that is not physical in nature. Corporate intellectual property (items such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, business methodologies), goodwill and brand recognition are all common intangible assets in today's marketplace. An intangible asset can be classified as either indefinite or definite depending on the specifics of that asset. A company brand name is considered to be an indefinite asset, as it stays with the company as long as the company continues operations. However, if a company enters a legal agreement to operate under another company's patent, with no plans of extending the agreement, it would have a limited life and would be classified as a definite asset.

Is premises fixed asset?

yeah premises is a fixed asset..because it is a asset for a long period in a company.

What is your asset of this company?

to perform best performance in our company

In construction company purchase of cow is an asset or indirect exp?

in contruction company purchase of cow is an asset or indirect expenditure

Is dividends Payable an asset?

Dividend payable is the amount which is payable by the company to share holders so it is a liability of company and not an asset.

Is cash balance an asset or not?

Cash is a current asset of company and shown under current assets in balance sheet of company.

Is owner capital an asset?

no owners capital is not an asset its an internal liability for the company

Is stock an asset?

Yes, stock is an asset. Stocks are proof of a financial investment in a company, and therefore an asset in relation to accounting.

Define public sector?

the economic sector asset by government for public welfare.

Which lease does not permit capitalization?

Operating lease is type of lease under which company only requires to pay rental payments for usage of the asset and custody remains under company but ownership to that asset do not remains to company that's why cannot capitalize in balance sheet as asset of company.

Why is cash an asset?

Cash is an asset because it is the most liquid asset that is owned by a company that can be used to paid expenses or current liabilities.

Is an investment an asset or liability?

If investment done by company in other business then it is an asset of business and shown under asset side of business.

How do you answer 'Why do you feel you will be an asset to the company' in a job interview?

You could say that you feel you will be an asset to the company by stating why in an interview. You cannot get this question wrong.

What is difference between asset and revenue?

An asset is a valuable property owned by a company, available to meet debts. Revenue is any income a company receives.

How can you be an asset?

An asset is a person that helps out a lot with their company or is a special item. To be an asset, you can work very hard and volunteer to help out with special jobs.

Name all branches of aditya birla group?

The Aditya Birla group is a big name in Indian Finance, Insurance and asset management fields. Services of Aditya Birla Group are mentioned below-Aditya Birla Finance LimitedAditya Birla Insurance Brokers LimitedAditya Birla MoneyAditya Birla Capital Advisors Private LimitedBirla Sun Life Insurance Company LimitedBirla Sun Life Asset Management

Where is the retirement of an asset recorded?

The "retirement" or "disposal" (as it's usually listed as) is recorded in a couple of different ways depending on how the asset is disposed of. One entry that will not change regardless of how the company disposes of the asset is the account related to said asset. For example, if the company is disposing of a truck, the one account entry that will not change will be Equipment-truck, this account will be credited for the balance. The fact that the fixed asset account has a debit balance, we now credit the account to bring it to a zero balance and remove the truck from our records. Company's may choose to dispose of, sale, or trade the fixed asset. Disposing of the fixed asset does not involve the exchange of money or another asset. Selling of the asset involves receiving cash for the asset. Trading involves receiving another asset in exchange for the asset the company is disposing of. This transaction will affect the balance sheet as it affects the assets of a company.

Is Inventory an asset on balance sheet?

Yes, it is a stock of the company so it is shown as asset in the balance sheet.

How do you use the word asset relating to a person in a sentence?

Her dependability and dedication proved her to be a great asset to the company.

Is goodwill a tangible asset?

goodwill must be treated as tangible asset because it holds great value for the company. but analysts treat as an intangible asset .