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Definitely not! Otherwise, there won't be an ineligible receiver down the field penalty. I'm not sure but in order to make ineligible receiver eligible, you need to report it to the referee before the play.

No offensive lineman is eligible to catch a pass. The QB can throw to anyone who isn't a center, tackle, or guard. If a player who ordinarily plays one of those positions lines up to catch a pass, he has to be reported to the referee. For example, in the 2003-4 Super Bowl, the Patriots were at the Panther's goal line, and before the play offensive lineman Mike Vrabel reported eligible, then lined up as a tight end and caught a touchdown pass on the play. If he had not reported, not only would the touchdown not have counted, but the Patriots would have been penalized for having an ineligible receiver downfield.

yes, but the ref must be informed of the play beforehand

No player wearing a uniform number 50-79 may be an eligible receiver without first informing the referee. Reporting to the ref must be this player's first order of business ... he must report before the huddle is started. If he doesn't immediately report the penalty is five yards for illegal substitution.

The above answers are right. I'd also add that only one ineligible player can declare himself eligible per play.

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Q: Can a quarterback throw the ball to anyone?
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How do you be a better quarterback?

throw the ball

Can anyone other than Quarterback throw the ball to the receiver in football?

Anyone except one of the five primary offensive linemen is allowed to throw the ball in an NFL game, as long as it is thrown from behind the line of scrimmage.

Can a quarterback continue to throw the ball after a forced fumbled?


Why does the qb throw the ball out of the field?

The clock stops when the ball goes out of bounds. If a quarterback doesn't have a play because the defense has thoroughly covered anyone who can legally receive, he'll throw the ball out of bounds to stop the clock and allow the team to try a different play.

What does the quarterback do in a game?

The quarterback is the root to an offense in football. He takes the ball from a center, who hikes the ball to him, and does whatever the play is. He can throw it, run it, hand it off, whatever he wants to do.

How far should a good quarterback be able to throw at 14 years old?

Iโ€™m 14, 6โ€™0, 165, and i throw exactly 38 yards but I feel like I can throw farther with a different ball, everyone tells me it feels really heavy, before reading this i was scared I was below average but Iโ€™m right on point As a great QB with a heavy ball, if i get a different ball Iโ€™ll probably launch it 42 yards to be honest.

What is the position in flag football that is responsible for passing the football?

A few of the positions pass the ball but the biggest would be the quarterback. The quarterback passes the ball to a linemen, and is the first throw of the game!

Can the quarterback in football run with the ball then throw it?

Yes, as long as the quarterback doesn't pass the line of scrimmage. Once past the line of scrimmage, you cannot pass the ball forward

What do linerbacks do?

line backers block the quarterback to give him time to throw the ball or pass it off. the opposing team tries to get through the linebackers and tackle the quarterback before he can throw/ pass.

Can a quarterback throw the ball to himself?

If he throws the ball and if it gets deflected and goes high in the air he can run up and catch it

Is a quarterback in the pocket and not under pressure allowed to throw the ball away?

If there is a receiver in the area of where the ball lands, then yes. If there is no receiver there, it is a penalty.

Can a quarterback throw the ball after crossing the line of scrimmage?

If a quarterback and the entire ball are in front of the line of scrimmage then a forward pass can no longer be thrown but a lateral is still a legal play. However, by the act of crossing the line of scrimmage, the quarterback does not lose the right to throw a forward pass as long as after crossing the line scrimmage, the ball returns behind and is thrown from behind the line scrimmage.

How do you become a better quarterback?

Practice throw a ball though a tire and try to get your steps right. 3 back and 1 foward on your throw.

How fast can a quarterback throw the ball?

Avergae speed 40-60 mph- a few have had speeds in the 70s.

Can the quarterback throw 2 forward passes on same play?

if the ball doesn't cross the line of scrimmage

What part of speech is each word in the sentence Did anyone throw the ball?

"Did" and "throw" are both parts of a compound verb in the intensive past tense; "anyone" is a pronoun; "the" is an article, and "ball" is a noun.

What offensive player is the first to touch the ball?

When the offensive team breaks the huddle and comes up to the line of scrimmage to start the play, the first offensive player to touch the ball is the center. The center snaps the ball to the quarterback and the quarterback will either hand the ball to a running back, throw the ball to a receiver, or run the ball himself.

If a quarterback throws the football behind the line of scrimmage and the receiver does not catch it is it a fumble?

That depends on the angle the ball travelled. If the receiver is behind or exactly to the side of the quarterback and the ball travels at an angle parallel to or away from the line of scrimmage, the throw is considered a lateral and would be a fumble if the receiver did not catch it. If the receiver is in front of the quarterback and the ball travels at an angle towards the line of scrimmage, the throw is considered a forward pass and would be an incomplete pass.

When a quarterback in CFL throw the ball away or grounds it does a penalty depend on wether or not he had passed the line of scrimmage?

If the ball fails to pass the line of scrimmage, it is penalized as Intentional Grounding. The player who hit the quarterback is still awarded the sack.

Can a quarterback in the pocket throw the ball away if he is not under pressure?

If it goes out of bounds, no. That would be an incomprehensibly moronic idea though.

Who calls for the ball and throws in football?

The person who calls the plays and is snapped the football, is the quarterback. On a trick play, the running back or wide receiver can also throw the ball.

Can a quarterback go pass the line of scrimmage and than go back and throw the ball?

No... ANSWER: If the QB goes back behind the line of scrimmage, then yes, he can still throw the ball. Crossing the line of scrimmage doesn't negate the QB's right to throw a legal forward pass on that play.

What does the rubberband ball do in bully?

you throw it and it will bounce around the room hitting anyone in its path

A hiked ball that is handled or dropped by the quarterback is a what?

The transfer of the ball from the center to the quarterback is called a 'snap'.

What is it called when a center passes the ball to the quarterback?

A Hike or Snap Is when the center hands the ball to the quarterback.