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Can a rabbit and a hamster share a cage?


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Of course not. Even if the rabbit didn't kill the hamster then the hamster could escape from a rabbit cage, and a rabbit wouldn't fit in a hamster cage.

Rabbits should be kept in same-sex pairs whereas Syrian hamsters must be kept alone.


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a rabbit could kill a hamster but it deppends how the rabbit and hamster act. if you are not sure if your rabbit will kill the hamester then you put the rabbit in one cage and put the hamster in another cage right next to the rabbit and see what happens.

i would not recomend a hamster and a hedgehog to share a cage. They could start a fight and it might not end well

Rabbits and ferrets cannot share the same cage. The ferrets natural instinct might perceive the rabbit as prey and kill it.

rabbit = cage / hutch fish = aquarium hamster = cage chicken = coop / hutch

Oh God no!! Didn't you know that if they are in the same cage rabbit becomes a savage and kills the hamster in a horrible way. DON'T DO IT!

No. Mixing different species is not recommended and you may well end up with a seriously injured or dead hamster. They don't have the same care requirements, and would gain nothing from the interaction.

It's unlikely that a rabbit and hamster can be good friends. Even if they are good friends, though, they shouldn't be kept in the same cage or left together unsupervised: the rabbit could accidentally trample and injure (even kill!) the hamster.


You just take the hamster out of its cage..

Hamsters aren't supposed to share cages if there syrians(dwarf hamsters can share a cage very happily). Your hamsters could kill eachother; hamster's nature is to roam alone. However, if you have one male hamster, and one female hamster, this may not apply, as the female can, well, you know, with the male and before you know it.... pop goes the BABIES. Be prepared.

get rid of the hamster or buy a cage for it!!

Because of the difference in the diets of the two animals they should not be kept in the same cage, a guinea pigs diet will make a rabbit sick.

You could use a Rat Cage for a Hamster but the space between each bar has to be 5mm apart. If not, your Hamster will escape. The best cage for a Hamster is a Hamster Cage. For more Information, visit:

My hamster can get out of her cage too.What I do is I tie the door to the cage with some string or something.

The best kind of cage you can get for your hamster is a wire cage with a plastic bottom. It is well ventilated and the hamster can climb.

Hamsters will fight together even if they were the same or opposite sex. So, the best is to keep only one hamster in a cage.

no you need a hamster cage because the bars on the guinea pig cage are to big and the hamster can slip through

you should. the hamster may be gone but the cage will start to stink.

A hamster's cage has to be about 1 square foot per hamster.

Buy it a bigger and better cage or get it a hamster ball.

no because rabbit don't like hamster

Sanitize the cage and get new bedding and the cage is good as new!

buy a hamster cage then buy food and water then click on the cage then it should say get hamster or fill cage or somthing like that

A rabbit cage is $20-$40. It depends on what type of cage. I hope that helps!

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