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no,You need both uva and uvb light

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Can two slider turtles live together?

can two slider turtles live together?

Could you live without a light bulb?

Yes we could indeed live without a light bulb!

How long do slider turtles live?

slider turtles can live for 40 years if they are well taken care of.

Could people live on earth with out light?

without the suns light then no without electricity light then yes

Can redeared sliders an red clawed crabs live together?

No, these two animals cannot live together well. The turtle will often attack the crab in an effort to eat it, and it is not advisable for them to live in the same tank together.

Without light can animal live such as a grasshopper?

Animals do not require light to live, however, without light they cannot see, and would have a harder time finding food, etc.

Can red-eared slider turtle live without sunlight?

No they need sun to survive because there shell and scine will get MST

Will a red eared slider turtle live without a UV lamp?

For a short period of time yes. Eventually you will need one if you want your turtle to be healthy and live longer.

Can red eared slider turtles live in a pond?

Yes they can live in a pond but I don't think you should keep your red ear slider in a pond in winter or fall

How many years can a red ear slider terrapin live?

The red ear slider terrapin lives up to 50 years

Could you live without the light bulb being invented?

yes because fire has always been use as light so definatly you can live without the invention of a light bulb and a light bulb was invented to make life much more easier

What turtle is better a red eared slider or a yellow bellied slider?

They both have same needs. Only difference is that they live in different places.In fact, there so alike they can live together.

How do you get kk slider to live in your town in animal crossing?

You can get someone named "Rasher" aka K.K Slider in disguise, but I think you only get him by luck.

Can a goldfish live with 2 red ear slider?

Red ear slider turtles will eat goldfish. This is a natural food source for the turtles.

Can a person live without light?

yes, and no. they need heat from light but they can also not have it on during sleep. answer: yes and no

Can humans survive without sunlight?

no because we need heat and light to live

Can a red eared slider and a goldfish live together?

Possibly but its best not to put them together as golfish constantly produce ammonia which can really be very harmful to your slider

How old does a red eared slider turtle get?

they can live anywhere from 10-40

How long does a yellow bellied slider live?

it dies right away when they are born.

Is light one of the most important things?

yes,as we cannot live without the sun.this proves that light is the mist essential.

How long can red eared slider turtles live without water?

Red-Eared Slider can stay dry for days to weeks, but they cannot eat without water, I mean enough water to site in while eating as they cannot swallow without the ad of water. If you are transporting the red-Eared being dry is okay, keeping a turtle as a pet dry will be almost considered torture as they will slowly die of starvation and dehydration

Is their a lizard that you can light its tail on fire and still live?

I don't know. Lizards can live without tails, I believe they should....

Can a pet turtle live without a reptile light?

no because, they will get too cold and die :'(

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