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I'm sure it would. But a RES is not dumb. If they get too hot they will go back in the water.

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Can a red eared slider turtle die when it turns on it's back?

No they cannot unless if it was never to get off its shell and starve or be eaten.

How long can red eared slider turtles live without water?

Red-Eared Slider can stay dry for days to weeks, but they cannot eat without water, I mean enough water to site in while eating as they cannot swallow without the ad of water. If you are transporting the red-Eared being dry is okay, keeping a turtle as a pet dry will be almost considered torture as they will slowly die of starvation and dehydration

Why has your Red Eared Slider turtle stopped eating?

Because the water in aquarium is too cold! It'll die unless you get a heater! If you have a heater and it's not eating, you have nothing to worry about.

Can you put a red eared slider in a 30 gallon tank?

That seems awful large. Depending on the size of the turtle. You dont want to have too small of a home either because they can die from lack of space.

What kind of water do red eared slider turtles need?

Fresh what if you have salt water they might die

My red eared slider wont eat you dont know what to do I feed him cut bananas and turtle pellets but he wont eat what should you do you dont want him to die of hunger please help me?

I have a red eared slider too. If you turtle is a baby dont worry until the third week or so. You can also try raw meat, baby turtles are usally carnivorous. If your turtle doesnt eat by the third week you should see a doctor. A list of foods for turtles is cooked chiken for a snack or treat, bloodworms, earthworms,veggies, fruits, pinkie mice, and you can also try frozen turtle pellets called NATURAL AQUATIC TURTLE FOOD. I hope it all works with your little slider GOOD LUCK

How do red eared slider turtles die?

Same as any other animal, either old age or some kind of disease.

How do you cure your red eared slider if it cannot open its eyes?

It needs to go to the vet immediately or it will die. You must get a filter and keep the water clean!

Can an angelfish survive in a tank with a red-eared slider?

yes, but you must make sure that there is a wall in between the tank because they will fight till one of the others die.

How old would a 4 inch red ear slider be?

"Unfortunately, you can not tell the age of a turtle by it's size. Turtles grow depending on how big their environment is." Actually, no. A red eared slider does NOT grow to their environment. If you feed it, it will grow. If not it will, obviously not grow then die. But there is no way to tell how old a RES is unless you hatched it or know who hatched it. It does not matter how big it is. Some owners over feed or under feed their turtles so there is no way determining it by size either.

You lost your slider in your house will it die?

it all depends on the little guy's will to survive. its doubfull though, how long has he been lost?

How long can a turtle stay on it back?

Not long. No turtle should EVER be left on it's back. Gravity will cause It's internal organs to be crushed. The lungs will not get enough oxygen and it will die...

If a turtle rolls on to its back does it die?

Only if it lays on it's back for a long time.

How can a turtle die?

there are many ways a sea turtle can die two examples is that they can die from old age or they can be killed

How does a sea turtle find shelter?

a sea turtle finds shelter by swimming in the water so it can stay alive without water it will die faster but if it out of water for a little while then it wont die for a long time it will die so remember that deuce's! :)

How long does it take for a sea turtle to die?

That would depend on what it is dying from. Their lifespan varies from type to type.

Can you turn a box turtle upsidedown?

no because it can die i had a turtle i turned the turtle upside down and it died.

Can a dog actually die from eating turtle food?

the answer is... no.my dog ate turtle food and didn't die.

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