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Most TV sets don't draw enuff current to make an extension cord unusable. The real problem is getting which kid to confess to throwing that heavy toy at the screen which caused the implosion. OK, maybe it wasn't the kid--your kids must be as perfect as mine--but it is very, very likely that the screen got scratched somehow, and after a couple hundred heat cycles (on, off, on off, etc, you get the idea) the scratch went all the way thru and the implosion resulted. Anyway, about extension cords...they are manufactured and used by the millions every year and you don't see any law suits about using them. So go ahead and use the extension cord on the TV, the biggest danger is tripping over it.

appliances are not made to run on extension cords that is why they have there own cord it is more likely you got a power surge and did not have surge strip

I was wondering the same thing? It seems noone has so far wrote an article about this so it seems impossible however it is questionable , right? cause that kind of an explosion would provide glass parts flying everywhere not being stopped by cutting the man watching the tv at the moment in any possible way..... just like a grenade encased ina glass bottle exploded except you do not feel the blast of the grenade but rather the shatterting glass flying toward you cutting you to pieces like a butchers knife

No. An extension cord cannot make your TV explode. The danger of extension cores is that they have resistance. When current is flowing through them this parasitic resistance makes the cord itself consume power, which it dissipates as heat. If the current is great enough, the power comsumed by the cord makes the cord hot enought to cause a fire hazard.

Also, the tv's don't "explode" they IMPLODE

Yes explosions launch debris'c ALWAYS implode, launching debris inwards. Very little debris will be outside of tv if any. Tvs dont just explode, true a scratch or hard object weakend the tube and then it imploded. Or someone threw something at it; bumped it with something very hard etc.

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Q: Can a regular extension cord cause a TV to explode if there is no wiring problem within the walls?
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