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Well that depends on what you consider a "working relationship" to be. It most certainly won't be a love relationship as one of the people will always be wanting more. It might be able to become a friendship, but only if the person in Love realizes that a friendship is all they will get and decides that's enough for them. Also, has the person in Love told the other person of their feelings? In any kind of a relationship, communication is the key. No. Not in the long run. The one not in love will always be thinking that they could have more, and the one in love can always tell the other isnt, and will spend their time insecure about the realtionship, wondering if the other will leave them, or is cheating on them, or what they can do to make him/her love them more, and the behavior this causes makes things even worse. In the end, both will be unhappy.

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Q: Can a relationship work if one person is in love and the other is not?
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Why do people love so madly that the person whom they love feel it as a torture?

When a person loves someone very deeply it means they are truly in love with that person. However, if the person who is deeply in love with the other person is possessive; jealous or doesn't give them head space then this makes the relationship for the other person torture by feeling suffocated and the relationship generally does not work out.

If there is no respect in a relationship but there is love do think this can work?

No it won't work, if neither of you have respect for each other, then there is no love

How do you know when a relationship is not going to work out?

You know when a relationship is not gonna work out when then other person is mean or not as committed to the relationship as you are, doesn't want to hang out( for any reason) ever, and/or the the other person is seems more in a relationship with his or her friends than they are with you.

How do you deal with the fact that the person you were with dont love you anymore long before the relationship even ended?

you should just put yourself in their takes two to make a relationship work. And you should just imagine yourself in a relationship where the other person is in love with you , but you dont love them.... u just have to realize that it is possible to love more then once...and everyone you are going to date doesnt neccesarily have to be "the one"

What do you do if you have strong feeling for someone but you have a boyfriend and you know that you and this other person won't work out?

aviod all possible contact with this person if you can but it also sounds like your relationship is lacking something maybe love

How do you break up with the person you love?

Why would you break up with them if you love them ? But anyway, just leave a note is the easiest . Answer If you love someone why would you break up with that person other than you just can't get along or something but if you love them enough you will work it out. A note might be the easiest way for you but it is the cowards way out. If you love this person the very least you can do is to talk to them in person and offer at least some closure on the relationship. It is terribly hurtful to end a relationship without some kind of explanation to that person.

What do you do if you're in love with someone but there's a lot holding you back?

Answer It depends on what's holding you back. Sometimes things that have nothing to do with having a relationship with the other person can hold us back and sometimes there is nothing that can be done about it, at least temporarily. If you really love that person and want to be with him or her all you can do is work on whatever it is holding you back and at some point hopefully you can have the relationship you want. If you really love that person, do not give up.

Can a long-distance relationship work if you are 18 hours apart?

Yes, if you really love this person it could happen

Can a relationship work after infidelity?

It depends on the two people involved in the relationship, the strength of their love for each other, their committment to each other, etc. Many times the relationship has difficulty surviving after infidelity because it was not a strong relationship to begin with.

Can a long distance relationship work?

Not usually. You can't kiss them or really talk to them or hold them. However, if you are going somewhere for a short period of time or if you or the other or both of you are really dedicated, then your relationship might work. But if you are going away for a long time, a few months or more than 1 and a half months, your relationship will usually crash and tumble because you or the other might just cheat on one another. not exactly ur relationship depends on nothing more then trust and ur love for that other person if u truly love this person and u want too spend the rest of ur life with him or her then ur willing too wait a life time for that person, tho it does hurt to much not being with that person it will only make ur relationship stronger, just becareful u actually love this person before u set urself up for a poossible heart break =(

What do you do if I am not happy in a relationship?

Answer If you're not happy in the relationship you need to question why and whether you should stay in the relationship or not. If you love the person and would like to work things out then you should talk to them in an attempt to make things better between you. If you are not in love with them there is really no reason to stay in the relationship.

How do you keep a long distance relationship with a boy?

You have to like the person quite a lot in order for this to work, of course there are going to be time where the two are going to have relationship problems but as long as the two love or care for each other at least, it should all work out. You can start with talking to them about it and seeing if the two can meet each other at some point, that would arise the morale of the relationship.

How does your relationship with the person you support differ from relationship with work colleagues?

it differs quite alot.the relationship you support is a bit more intimate than a work relationship.the relationship with the person u suppoert is much more important than your work relationship.

How would a relationship work out if someone lived in the UK and the other person lived in Michigan?


How can you make a girl love you but she says lets be friends?

You can't make anyone love you ... the love has to come from the other person. Start out being just "friends" and later on the friendship may grow into a meaningful relationship. Love is to be cherished and appreciated, and love is never ever taken for granted in any relationship. It takes hard work to keep the love going ... not in the physical sense, but building a solid relationship that is based upon total trust and getting to know one another.

Can a long distance relationship work between male capricon male Scorpio?

Long distance relationships usually don't work out in the end mostly because one person in the relationship gets tired of being away from the other person and they cheat. And then the relationship is ruined.

What is the meaning of a roof cannot be supported in one culumn when it comes on love relationship?

AnswerThis means a relationship cannot survive if only one person maintains the relationship such as communication, respect, love, etc. BOTH people in the relationship have to want it to work out or the relationship cannot survive.

Will your relationship work if you leave your husband for the other person?

That would all depend on the relationship. But, I think the problem is, people say that true love lasts about a year. After a year, the hormones and stuff are supposed to run out and people get bored of each other. So, theoretically, you're married, then the hormones run out, so you find this other person, and the novelty with this other person will be new and exciting. But... is just as likely to run out after a whileand it may not work out. Or it might work out. These are things you just can't predict. >_<

What do you do if you're in a relationship but love someone else?

You break it off with the person you are with. You will be living a lie if you don't and the longer you are with this person the harder it will be on them. Even if you get with this other person there is no way of knowing if it will work out or how long you will be together so you really have to reevaluate this decision a few times before you make it.

How do you keep relationship work?

Have fun with the other person and go places together like a park or a hike.

If a relationship of lies been going on and now there is a long distance relationship between the two will it work?

It depends if you love each other, it will if it is not true love it may not. Relasionships are complicated and there is no definte end result in a relasionship.

How do you break up with someone you are in love with but they don't love you as much as you love them and your relationship causes you more sadness than joy?

You don't!Take a different perspective on the relationship, look deeper into the definition on love.To take a different perspective on the relationship:Love is a prospective thing. There are two ways you can take this.Put greater effort into the relationship, stop being so sad because its probably a huge turnoff, and just work at it and hope that one day you'll grow on them.In the negative sense they could be staying in the relationship just to humor youTo look deeper into the definition of love, ask yourself why you love that person. The answer is not because that person is a great person.The only hint I'll give here is that it has something to do with your past.If you love a person and the other person doesn't love you back, then it's not worth being together. I mean you guys could talk it out, but if the other person doesn't love you and you are unhappy it is better for you to break up. This is how, JUST DO IT!!! But wait.... first talk with the other person and tell them how you feel (that you love them but you feel that they don't love you back)If you want to break up with him, just tell him what you said here!

What should you do to help?

If you want a relationship to work out I think that it is important for the people in the relationship to know enough about each other and have common interests if you want it to work out. You could tell the person that (who you are trying to help)..

What should you do if you are unhappy with the way things are going in your relationship but even if you ignore or avoid the person you still love them?

Any two people can love eachother. It takes mature and committed people to make a relationship work. Loving a person doesn't matter if you are generally unhappy in the relationship. If the relationship is worth saving, it is time to sit down and have a talk with your partner and go into 'couples therapy.'

Can a person be in love with more than one person?

i would say yes. But that doesn't mean that either/both of the people are right for you. a marriage/relationship is hard work and anyone you are with will require hard work to maintain.

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