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Q: Can a relative file for custody of a child?
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How do you file for full custody of a child?

You gain full custody for a child by telling the judge you want full custody.

How do you get custody of you child?

You file for it in the jurisdiction where the child legally resides.

Which state do I file for temporary custody if the child lives in a different state?

Which state do I file temporary custody if the child lives is a diffent state?

How do you get child support stopped when child lives with me?

File for a change of custody. File for a change in child support or to stop it.

Are there any temp child custody papers online your son can fill out and file?

Is he needing custody of his child, or is this on himself?

At what age may a child live with another relative?

If the child does not have parental consent to move in with this relative, then the relative would have to petition the court for custody/guardanship.

How do file for temporary custody?

You have to file at your local Cout House for temporary custody of a child. The court will decide if you get temporary custody or not depending on the circumstances. Temporary custody can be contested in court.

Does custody have to be file in the state of the child or custodian?

A motion for custody or modification to an existing custody order must be filed in the jurisdiction where the child legally resides.

Can you file divorce if pregnant?

Yes, but child custody can not be finalized.

Can you file for custody of child prior to birth?

In the US, no. You have to wait until the child is born.

Do you have to file child custody in the county the kid is in?

Yes. Any custody order or modification of a custody order must be filed in the county of jurisdiction (where the child legally resides).

How do you get a 15 year old who Dad has physical custody of but actually resides with Mom and step dad who she says hits her to get to live in your home?

file for sole custody and file for child abuse and you will have possibly sole custody of thew child

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