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Trick question, huh? What is your idea of 'secured' gate? Why would they want to make "contact"? The lender has been trying to "make contact" for how long? No responce to "make contact". Repomen get paid to pull iron, NOT make contact. No candy for you. Sorri

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Q: Can a repo company open a closed secured gate to get to the vehicle and if somebody is home should they not make contact?
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Can you tow a vehicle if they are tagged and you are not a tow company?

As long as the vehicle is secured and marked properly and there are identifiable turn and brake lights on the vehicle in tow. Using the hazards on the vehicle in tow is illegal in most states. Contact your local DMV to make sure.

What do you do if you are uninsured and rear ended by a company vehicle and the driver does not want to contact their insurance company?

Call the police and/or the company that owns the vehicle

How can someone contact the American Vehicle Insurance Company?

There are several ways a person can contact the American Vehicle Insurance Company. You can contact them by telephone or through post mail. Searching through your local yellow or white pages will provide you with the contact information you need.

If there is a tracker in vehicle how do I trace car?

Get in contact with the company that fitted it. If it came standard with the car, contact the dealership.

How can you locate your vehicle report?

Locate as much information on your vehicle and then you can contact the dealership, department of motor vehicles, contact the car company, or look through the manual.

If your windshield is cracked by a stone from a vehicle in front of yours who is responsible for the repairs?

If it is a commercial vehicle, record the name of the company and the licence plate number and contact your insurance company because they will hold the other vehicle liable.

Can you cancel A vehicle in policy?

Sure you can. If you sell a vehicle or it is no longer operable for whatever reason you can delete the vehicle from the policy. You just contact your agent or company and they will assist you in taking the vehicle off the policy.

What happens if you was driving a work vechile and had an accident and you wasn't working at that time?

If you haven't already, contact the company that insures the vehicle. There should be a card with the insurance contact info in the glove compartment; you must also contact the "vehicle management", whoever that is, at your company or agency. These things should be done at the time of or immediately after the accident.

Can you sale or transfer your car to somebody else name when its on lease under your name?

You should be able to if the leasing company clears the lien on the vehicle.

When does a company vehicle need to registered in NJ?

the company would need to contact NJ MVC & request a corp code which is # similar to a driver license # but it is for your company instead of an individual person. after you get the corp code you can register your vehicle(s) in the company name, providing you have it insured 1st

Can a CA private party lien holder on a vehicle with a signed contact agreeing to the terms be able to repo a vehicle legally if the payments are not followed as per the contract?

I would contact a professional company. In CA you have to be licensed to do repossessions.

How can your vehicle be returned back to you after this?

call somebody