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Can a repo guy take a car off a trailer?


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Yes. If your car is being repoed, you should make it easy for yourself and cooperate with them.


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Yes, afterall, the repo-car is still the legal property of the person who has sent the repo-guy to retrieve it.

A repo guy is likely to say anything to get your car. If he's looking for it, you owe the money and he gets to take the car. Hiding it in the garage will keep him at bay for only a short time. Whether or not you have homeowner's insurance does not factor into the equation.

because of the cost involved i doubt it......unless of course its a place a repo guy wants to visit.

I worked with a guy that had the repo man come to work to take his vehicle, so yes they can come to your work. If you haven't been making the payments and they decide to repo your car that is that and I don't believe they have to go through any sort of legal procedures to come and take your car. You didn't pay so they come and take back their property, simple as that unfortunately for you.

No it is breaking and entering.But that does not mean they won't try.After they get the car it is theirs so even if you get the repo guy/lender for B+E they still keep the car.

Alot of repo guys do drive the repoed vehícles, But be assured If they drive Your reposessed car that Most compañys have a million dollars worth of clarify once a car is repossessed it is no longer "your" car.

Once they take the vehicle, the responsibility is on them. If they damage the vehicle or total it the tow guy has to pay. If your car is taken, cancel the insurance since you are not responsible after the car is picked up and leaves your possession.

Probably not all the time, but you will never know when he is there. Simpler to just pay up or let them take the car. Why deal with the hassle. It will not ruin your credit forever. Yes and no. it depends on how determined he is or how much he is getting paid to repo your car. He might just wait until he spots your car on the street and bam! Gone... He might even break into your garage or get a warrant to repo the car from the courts. Depends on what kind of guy he is... So pay the bill and it won't get repo-ed.

Legally probably not,that assumes you do not own the propery or the property(like a private road) to get to your property so that would be trespass.But someone has to call the police to enforce the trespass violation.After the repo guy has the car there is not much you can do except to sue the lender or repo guy. Gated,YES.Gated and locked no.

What exactly are they going to repo,you the vehicle was stolen and you no longer have it right, come on use the thing attached to your kneck.

no you can not go to jail if you dont want to give up your is not possible for you to steal your own car. it is registered under your name.there for dont let them take your car

Briefly, if they(the bank via repo guy) have the car its theirs until you bring your account current and they give it back but they are not entitled to your personal property or the plates. The repo guy will try and charge you bogus storage fees(for your p.p.) and try to get you to sign a wavier which absolves them and the bank of any and everything to do with the repo.This includes a statement that all of your p.p. are there so if stuff is missing(repo guys steal )or your car is damaged it makes it harder to sue.They will want you to sign it before you see your car or p.p. Do not sign !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another question you need to ask is do you want the car back? If you do want the car back you have little choice but to pay the extortion because each day that goes by is another $100.00 to store the car. If you do need to sue remember sue the lender not the repo guy.

No. The Car Doesn`t Belong To The Repo Man. That's His Job, To Get It Back To The Loan Company. Bank, Ect. If You Can Find Who Holds The Note On The Car You May Work Out A Deal With Them. Myself I Suggest You Stay Away From This. It Could Be More Than Reposessed. Best To YouAnswerThis is a tough one because if you turn the guy in and the guy figures it was you, you could get more than you bargained for. Then again you could get a deal if you tell where the car is to the repo people, maybe even a reward, but it would benenfit you to know exactly how much is owed on the car so that the repo/car lot people don't try to sock you for the full amount instead of what is owed. They will sell it to you either way.

It may vary by state, but car repo (snatch and run) is against the law in Louisiana. If the repo man shows up wanting you to sign some papers, and has a cop sitting close by, don't worry. By law, if you don't sign that piece of paper, they cannot take your car. (The cop and repo guy are friends, or just got a kick back.) But it's easier to do that than go to court and end up paying the court fees also.

If the car was damaged during the repossession, then take the tow company to small claims court. You better have written proof from that mechanic that they damaged the car our you will loose.

First: no, you may not "repo" the car, because you do not have a "security interest" and "security agreement" which gives you permission to do that. Second: if the buyer "took the car" without paying, it could be a criminal offense (theft, theft by deception, etc) and you can file a police report and let them get it back for you. Third: if the buyer simply didn't make the payments as agreed, and you don't have a repo right in your loan agreement, and they won't give the car back voluntarily, then you must seek permission of a court (judge) to request the local constable/sheriff/police to take the car back and return it to you as a breach of contract, or as fraud, or whatever your lawyer tells you your facts will support as a claim. Attempting to "repo" a car without an agreement is called "self-help" and will get you arrested if not shot and sued. Of course, you have a counterclaim for the value of the car that was taken from you and any expenses it costs you to get it back.

An INVENTORY fee is allowed. The lender or repo person is not entitled to your personal property it is yours they should not charge you for it.Repo guys often charge illegal fees to make more money.If they won't give you your p.p. call the cops then fill out a stolen report and sue the lender not the repo guy he is a chimp for the bank.

The exact answer will vary by state. Each state has its own rules. You should be aware that when the repossession is ordered, the car is not yours any longer. They are asking for their car to be handed over. The repo man cannot (in most states) cut fences, break locks, open garages, threaten or harass you. They can defend themselves if you become hostile or aggressive. They also can sit patiently and wait for you to take the car out and take it away. In some states you can be required to pay the repo expenses, so think about that before making the guy come back several times.

you can buy it back from the repossess depot thinger yeah but you have to pay all your payments on it The above answer is correct, but does not answer the question actually being asked; i.e., the guy/gal wants to go grab the car from the repo guy or car lot where the repo was delivered to. My answer is YOU BETTER NOT TRY. That would be auto theft, grand larceny or theft over x hundred dollars. Why? Because you do not own the vehicle. Your grab-it and run plan would be the same as taking any car parked on the street.

Not sure exactly what you mean about 'agreed to time" ect. BUT breaking into anything to repo is a NO-NO. Call a local attorney for state specific advise.

Georgia's Repossession LawsTITLE STATE: YesSECURITY INTERESTS: Shown on title held by lien holder.LICENSE REGISTRATION: Georgia Motor Vehicle Division, 270 Washington Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30334. Tel: (404)362-6500.RECOVERY REQUIREMENT: As per UCC, repossession allowed without committing a breach of the peace.Plates no longer remain with the vehicle in Georgia, they are issued to the person now and are transferrable.Repossession ActionsYour car can be seized by the repo company as soon as you are notified that you are in default of your loan.If your car is worth say $5,000 - and you OWE $10,000 on it - after they repossess it - they will sell it (usually at auction) and if they get $3,000 - they will sue you for the balance of $7,000 - and they WILL garnish wages (50% of your paycheck after taxes) until the car is paid for! If the car is not running - again they can have it repaired and sue you for the repair bill! And DO NOT THINK that the repo guys and auction houses do not work together - of course they do! If you have a $35,000 car and the repo guy wants your car - (after they repo it) - they CAN auction it for $1500 to the repo guy - and YOU pay the $33,500 balance - and Mr. Repo is driving a $35,000 car for $1500!By law, the company that finances the loancannot be the company that handles the repossession. But they are often companies that work together.Also ANY improvements ALWAYS stay with the car. If you have a $2,000 stereo system - it stays with the car. Any personal belongings of yours inside the car must be returned to you by the repo company within 3 days. But without proff this is hard to enforce.The repo company will usually take your car at night - and most are very good - they can hook it to a tow truck and be gone - usually in under 30 seconds!! They will go around the corner - then secure the car to the tow truck!! And if the car falls off the tow truck - YOU pay the damages!A repo is on your credit history for 7 years - although it is common for them to disappear after 5 years!Most states are 90 days late before repo-ing a car - but under the Bailout, GM's federal agreement overruled your state laws.

Operation Repo - 2007 Rich Guy 13-10 SUSPENDED was released on: USA: 23 April 2012

I will assume you mean a repo guy/ gal. You need a tow truck, clients and big balls. I don't mean to be funny by saying it that way but it's true.

Only if you want to be arrested for interference with legal process. On the other hand, the repo laws may require that it be carried out without any breach of the peace, so if you simply call the police, they might stop the repo as causing a public disturbance, such as the repo guy swearing and threatening anyone who gets too close.I called the cops when my neighbor's car was being repo'd noisily and they handled it as any other robbery in progress until the repo guy showed them the security contract (permission to repossess) signed by the hysterical woman screaming at them. Then they sent everyone to their corners and preserved the peace until the car was gone.

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