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yes they are allowed on your property hide it in the garage if you have one

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2009-12-26 03:54:20
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Q: Can a repo man come in your unlocked fence yard and repo your car in the backyard?
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Can a repo company come on your property through a locked 6 foot fence and get a car?


Can they repo your car if its in your fenced backyard?

depending on your state laws but in Tennessee the law states that if there is an obstruction that either has to be moved i.e. another vehicle or in your case a fence to open, then that property can not be moved without the owners express permission

Are repo men allowed to enter an unlocked garage even if it is closed?


Can the repo man take your car if you leave your car locked behind a gate in your backyard?

No.Not if the gate is locked. They would have to get a warrent. * The repo man will not come with a warrant. The Sheriff might if the bank has sued and a court has issued a Writ of Replevin. They can come on your property and as long as they do no damage they can take the car.

Can a repo company come onto private property to obtain vehicle in the state of TN?

Yes as long as he does not go into a garage or cuts a lock to enter through a fence

Can a repo man take your car from a locked fence?

Yes, a repo man can take your car in any circumstances. He just needs to find a means to enter the property.

Can a repo man cut your lock on your fence or break into your garage to get a car in Toledo Ohio?

Nowhere in the US is that legal.

Can your car be repossessed on private property?

Yes they can. The only exception to this - Is if your yard has a locked or closed fence. If your yard is secured by a fence the "repo" men/women cannot legally enter your yard.

Who do you call to come and get a vehicle that the repo guys are looking for in Minnesota?

Call the repo guys OR the lender.

Can a repo man come on your property?

can a repo man have to announce himself when he comes on private property

Can the Repo man come on sims vacation?

No :)

Can you get an apartment with a car repo?

Q:Can you get an apartmet with a car repo? A: All apartments come without a car repo option. Sometimes you can negotiate utilities, however

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