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Vanessa, if the repoman can gain access to the property without commiting a beach of peace, YES. Maybe another employee invited him in,maybe the company let him in, who knows. Did your company promise to protect your car from repo activities? Heck, another might have even driven the car out for him, anything is possible. Good Luck

The first answer should be correct depending on the state you live in. As long as the property is publicly accessible a repossessor can peacefully trespass to recover the collateral.

No its called trespassing and they can and should be prosecuted for it.

Sorry but no this is not trespassing. Once you have passed your pay date with out paying the item is not yours any more. The repo has full right to climb on top of your house and get what they have come for if they needed to. Laws do vary from country to county to town but no place in the united States as of right now has a law that prohibits a repo from getting the item wich he has came to. also as a repo you will have to learn new laws wether they are changed yearly or daily so if you see a repo doing something don't question unless its very obvious he is doing something wrong like killing someone. Repo's are very educated and know what there doing and what not to do.

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Q: Can a repo man come on a company s private property and repo a car within a gated area?
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Does No Trespassing have to be posted in a private gated community in Florida?

No, its a class a misdemeanor to enter a Gated community...

Can a repossesser come on to your gated property to take a vehicle in North Carolina?

Legally probably not,that assumes you do not own the propery or the property(like a private road) to get to your property so that would be trespass.But someone has to call the police to enforce the trespass violation.After the repo guy has the car there is not much you can do except to sue the lender or repo guy. Gated,YES.Gated and locked no.

What are the laws on dumpster diving in Los Angeles County?

Dumpster diving is legal, provided the contents being searched through are not contained in recycle bins. It is not legal to go through trash in bins situated on private property or within gated communities, as that constitutes trespassing.

Can a child drive a golf cart in their neighborhood?

(1) Almost universally, golf carts are not legal to operate on public streets and roadways. (2) Operating golf carts on local sidewalks, parks, lawns, or private property is usually under the control of local ordnances. (3) Private gated communities consisting completely of private properties and private roadways within their reservations, can make their own rules on the sujbect.

Where does josh Beckett live?

san antonio texas, in a gated private millionaires subdivision.

Can a police officer give a parking ticket on private property in a gated apartment complex in Texas?

If the property holder gives the police department access to the community for security reasons, the police officer can conduct himself as if he was on patrol in a public neighborhood. Pay the ticket.

Is it trespassing if you are a passenger in the back seat in a vehicle that turned into a private non-gated neighborhood to turn around?

No. Trespass is an intentional tort. A passenger has no control over the vehicle, and therefore cannot intend to enter the property.

What the legal age to ride a motor scooter in ca?

You must be at least twelve to drive a motor scooter. You can ride it only on: • Gated Community • private property I.e. Driveway or backyard • Indian Reservations/Territory

Are gated apartment complexes private property?

An apartment complex is almost always private property, with or without a gate or fence, owned by the landlord, or jointly if they are condos. Even if it is owned by the municipality, there may also be a fence or gate and access is restricted to residents and their visitors, although it is not technically "private" property. As part of the subdivision or cluster housing plans, the private apartment complex developer may have also given "dedicated ways" to the municipality, for purpose of access by emergency vehicles and other services. If that is the case, one could argue that such streets must be open to the public, even though they are still "private property". Consider, for example, that a shopping mall, and its parking areas, is also "private property", but open to the public, subject to private rules.

Can a gated community restrict an owner from leasing their property?

Gated communities generally have extensive restrictive and protective covenants to protect the investments and quality of life for all the property owners and also to maintain the exclusivity of the community. Renters do not have any vested interest in those goals. Therefore, most gated communities do indeed have restrictions against leasing the properties.If you purchase a property in such a community and there is such a restriction of record, then you are legally bound by it.

Is it illegal to repossess a vehicle from a secured parking lot?

If the vehicle is behind a LOCKED, gated area, or in a garage, then yes, they (whoever is reposessing), can go to jail for trespassing. If the car is out in the open i.e. on a curb, in the driveway that's not gated, in a private parking lot (not gated), in a private parking deck, then they can and will repo the car, boat, anything that they have a court order to take for nonpayment. They can get anything that is out in the open. If they can see it, they will take it.

Are they allowed to call the police to repossess a motocycle from a close garage?

Depends on jurisdiction but generally the answer is NO. It is unlawful for any repossession agent to enter closed or gated private property without permission The purchase of most vehicles are covered under civil contracts between the buyer and seller and therefore repossession falls under civil law in which a ruling to repossess a vehicle must be obtained from a court after a ruling in the favor of the seller. Still gated property or closed door property cannot be lawfully entered without permission and in some jurisdictions disregard for this by a repossession agent can be considered home invasion in which lethal force could be used against. Sellers however can and do sue. Police can only assist in protective measures for repossessions that occur on public property or private property in which permission is granted .

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