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You need solicitors because of you give suggestion.

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No. Mobile homes are not real property.

The mobile phone should be declared as a personal property and not a real .property. This is because a mobile phone has a small shelf life.

A mobile home may be a personal property but this is not obligatory.

The mobile home owner has a right to personal property, NOT the landlord.

Micromax company is belong to india

Private property belonging to the mobile home park owner.

A Tenant's form will cover you own property and liability regardless of the ownership on the premises. It will not provide any coverage on the mobile home or liability as owner of that property.

I have a mobile home on my property that the bank is foreclosing on. The property was not in with the bank loan. They had the locks changed on the mobile home but it has been over two months and they have not came and removed it from my property. What can be done to get them to remove this from my property.

MH parks are generally private property anywhere.

Yes, in most states in the United States you will pay either a personal property tax or real property tax on a trailer (also known as mobile home or manufactured home). Each state defines what constitutes personal property or real property as the terms relate to mobile homes but typically a mobile home that is permanently fixed to the site is considered real property. If you own land where a temporary mobile home has been placed you could receive a real property tax bill for the land and a personal property tax bill for the mobile home.

Real estate is land; - the mobile home park in which mobile homes are parked would be real estate, but the mobile homes themselves are not real estate, they are the equivalent of large cars that you can live in. A car is personal property rather than real property, and so is a mobile home.

Mobile homes that belong to people are all over the place ! - Did I not get the intended meaning of your question ?

as for the state laws part. a mobile home company/property is considered private property and the city police cannot enforce speeding or sit in a mobile home lot to check for speeders, ie. Although it be private property they have to abide by state laws just like any others, such as a felon in a mobile home park cannot own a firearm just as he wouldn't if he didnt live in a park.

In any existing mobile home park. - On your private property if for your own use (in my area)

Yes. Most mobile homes and manufactured homes carry a title just like the title to a vehicle. If the mobile home is on your property and you want to sell it, contact your state government and request a title for the mobile home. After acquiring the title in your name you are free to do with it what you want.

Yes it is a movable asset, so it could be classified as personal property.

because i belong d.g khan

The answer depends on the details.If you move a mobil home onto another person's property without permission you are trespassing and the owner could prevent you from accessing your mobil home since you would need to pass over private property to get to it. That would create a very difficult legal situation for you. You would need legal advice from an attorney who could review the situation, explain your options, and perhaps, negotiate with the owner on your behalf.A person who moves their mobile home onto the property of another person should have an agreement in writing that clearly states the terms of use.

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We would not be able to use our mobile phones without them

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