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You need solicitors because of you give suggestion.

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Q: Can a repo man come on my property to repo a mobile home that does not belong to me without paying me for damages?
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Are mobile homes real property in Texas?

No. Mobile homes are not real property.

Are mobile homes personal property?

A mobile home may be a personal property but this is not obligatory.

Should I declare my mobile home as real property or personal property?

The mobile phone should be declared as a personal property and not a real .property. This is because a mobile phone has a small shelf life.

Does a mobile home landlord have the right to personal property when mobile home is sold?

The mobile home owner has a right to personal property, NOT the landlord.

Micro max mobile company belong to which country?

Micromax company is belong to india

Is a mobile home park considered private property in Florida?

Private property belonging to the mobile home park owner.

Gee pee MOBILE belong to which country?


If there is a battle over ownership of a mobile home can i get insurance on my personal belongings without the current owners permission?

A Tenant's form will cover you own property and liability regardless of the ownership on the premises. It will not provide any coverage on the mobile home or liability as owner of that property.

When is the foreclosure home a property of the bank?

I have a mobile home on my property that the bank is foreclosing on. The property was not in with the bank loan. They had the locks changed on the mobile home but it has been over two months and they have not came and removed it from my property. What can be done to get them to remove this from my property.

Are mobile home parks considered private property in Houston Texas?

MH parks are generally private property anywhere.

Are mobile homes personal or real property in Canada?

Real estate is land; - the mobile home park in which mobile homes are parked would be real estate, but the mobile homes themselves are not real estate, they are the equivalent of large cars that you can live in. A car is personal property rather than real property, and so is a mobile home.

Do you have to pay property tax on a trailer?

Yes, in most states in the United States you will pay either a personal property tax or real property tax on a trailer (also known as mobile home or manufactured home). Each state defines what constitutes personal property or real property as the terms relate to mobile homes but typically a mobile home that is permanently fixed to the site is considered real property. If you own land where a temporary mobile home has been placed you could receive a real property tax bill for the land and a personal property tax bill for the mobile home.

Do you have to list your mobile home as an asset on rental application if the mobile home is personal property?

Yes. It is an asset. An asset includes personnel property you own.

Are mobile homes real property in the state of Texas?


If a mobile home is not attached to Texas real property and I default on the mobile home what can the mortgage holder do?

Take the mobile home back and sell it.

How can you find a mobile home that belongs to someone?

Mobile homes that belong to people are all over the place ! - Did I not get the intended meaning of your question ?

How Life become without mobile?

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Where can you put a mobile home?

In any existing mobile home park. - On your private property if for your own use (in my area)

I have 1.70 acres in Spencer indiana with a mobile home on it. I am needing to get a well for the property and was wondering if I could take a loan out on the property. I own the mobile home and property and no outstanding loans on any of it.?

Yes you can mortgage the property but the home likely wont add much if any value to it.

Is a mobile home classified as personal property?

Yes it is a movable asset, so it could be classified as personal property.

What property of metals makes them good conductors of heat?

their mobile electrons

Can you be made to move your mobile home from another persons property?

Sure you can.

What property makes solid good at conducting heat?

Their mobile electrons

What property of metals makes good conductors of heat?

their mobile electrons

Which property of metals make them good conductors of heat?

Their mobile electrons