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Nowhere in the US is that legal.

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"T&R Fence & Deck" is a small company that can install a pool fence for you. Their local number in Toledo is (419) 478-0629.

the mayor in Toledo Ohio is mike bell. he is also the ex fire chief in Toledo.

Corporal Max Klinger was from Toledo, Ohio.

There are no Safeway stores in Toledo Ohio.

Toledo is located in Ohio

Toledo, Ohio is located on Lake Erie.

There is no State between Toledo Ohio and Cleveland Ohio! Both are in the same State. Cleveland is in northeast Ohio at Lake Erie. Toledo Ohio is in the southwest corner of Ohio.

There are three medical schools located in Toledo, Ohio. Medical School of Ohio, Mercy College of Northwest Ohio and The College of Medicine at The University of Toledo.

Toledo, Ohio is located near Lake Erie.

The area code(s) for Toledo, Ohio are 419 and 567.

The city of Toledo, Ohio is located on the SouthWestern bank of Lake Erie.

WALGREENS is open on Christmas Day in Toledo, Ohio.

Toledo Ohio is the 27th most dangerous city in America. (2010)

Konvicted Family is a gang in Toledo Ohio

The address of the Ohio Museum Of Transportation is: 2347 Karendale Drive, Toledo, OH 43614

The current Police Chief for Toledo, Ohio is Chief Michael Navarre.

the price for alumimum cans recycled in toledo, ohio

There are several different attractions in Toledo, Ohio that make it a popular vacation spot. These attractions include the Toledo Zoo, the Butterfly House, Toledo Raceway and the Toledo Museum of Art.

There is 61 miles between Detroit, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio

Beacause it isnt named after london

The web address of the Toledo Museum Of Art is:

The web address of the Toledo Zoological Society is:

The driving distance from Portland, Oregon to Toledo, Ohio is 2,353 miles (3,787 kms).

The address of the Toledo Botanical Garden is: 5403 Elmer Drive, Toledo, OH 43635-2948

The address of the Toledo Police Museum Inc is: 2201 Kenwood, Toledo, OH 43606

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