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No, repo persons can not enter your residence without permission and an attached garage is your property.

No, a repo man can enter your driveway but if the car is in a locked garage they do not have the right to enter without your permission. This rule applies to your home as well.

YES, as long as its not in a locked enclosure(gates,garage,ect.)

Garage Door Doctor is a leading companies that specializes in repair of doors in Macon, Georgia.

The car in the garage rolled straight through the garage door without stopping.the second "garage" is not a noun, it is an adjective because it describes the word "door"

This depends on where your garage is located and what size it is. I suggest going to your local council's website and looking for what you need for planning permission. It also depends on whether you live in a conservation area or not.

how do you program your car to garage door without remote

I think you do need a permit to have a garage sale....... I'm not SOOOOOO sure though......BUT WHO CARES??!?!?!?? EVERYBODY HAS GARAGE SALES AND I'M PRETTY SURE THAT THEY DON'T HAVE A PERMIT SO DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT!!!!!** If it's your garage, then no.

The police can only search your house without permission if they obtain a warrant, which is a document that states they have reason to believe that suspicious activities are items may be found in the place they are looking. Some warrants are very specific in the places the are wishing to search which can create limits for officers. For example if an officer suspected drug paraphernalia was in someones garage and it was written in the warrant they would be limited to search the garage only if they found it somewhere else in which they looked without legal permission any evidence obtained would not be allowed in a court of law.

Not usually, unless there is a condition attached to a previous planning permission on the property restricting the use of the garage for parking vehicles only. Best check with the planning dept.

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They can, but its not legal. Repo men have no legal authority to enter your gated property or your home without your concent to get a vehicle. If they do so you are entitled to call the police and press charges for trespass.

No. It is illegal to have a garage sale without a business permit in 9 states, including CA

Mailmen have a legal authority to trespass upon private property to deliver mail - in accordance with Federal Law. However, they do not have the authority to enter any structure, that is Breaking-and-entering. More-so, no person has the authority to enter a structure without a warrant or exigent circumstances.

I'm afraid not. I tried taking a helicopter to Semi Broken, just incase I could get it inside the garage, but a message popped up saying "You can't store that kind of vechicle here".

They would need a warrant or permission from the owner of the garage or of the car or both. They could claim there was a risk the car would be driven out of the jurisdiction if they had to wait for a warrant.

Jim Hudson Lexus is a car dealership company with garages across Georgia and South Carolina. The main flagship garage is located in Martinez, Georgia.

This depends on your local codes. Most of the time ,Yes. Check with the city or county you live in. There are a lot of repairs or building you can get away without inspections and permits. Anything visible to drive by inspectors must be permitted, if you get caught without the permit, then you usually must pay a small fine.

Garage doors are useful because you can open and close the garage door without getting out of your car or having to go to the button to press it. Besides it is faster than not having one.

Building anything without planning is foolish.

Linear garage door openers are used for opening a garage door in a wireless manner. They use a light beam and receiver to allow one to open the door without physically touching it.

Your answer depends on the title to the garage. Some units are titled with specific garage or parking locations, other units are joined to attached garages. Your association manager or board can give you the answer you seek: there is no standard.

why yes it is unless you get permission from the local government, because its like having an illegal garage sale