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Stolen?? NO. Report you for hiding the collateral??? Maybe. Cars havent fell off the face of the earth since CC found out it is ROUND. Someone knows where that car is.

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how to locate exact location of my stolen cell phone?

how to locate exact location of my stolen cell phone

Who does insurance company write check to from stolen car?

Either to the owner or lienholder depending on if there is a loan on the vehicle and if there is a loan, how much is owned. The lienholder gets paid first.

How do you resolve the situation cheaply when you can not locate your spouse who has your vehicle that is in your name only and you are not allowed to report it as being stolen?

You might want to re-check your laws. If the vehicle is in just your name, most states will allow you to report it stolen, if it's taken without your permission, even by your spouse.

Who do you report stolen birth certificate to?

You can report it to the police.

If your rims got stolen and you wanted to report them stolen how would they be found?

Not possible to report them stolen unless they go jacked off in a car lot

If you loan your car and it is not returned is it stolen?

it is if you report it to the police as stolen

Can you get arrested for refusal to file a police report for something stolen?

No. But if you get your money stolen and you don't file a police report, you won't get your money back. If you get your car stolen and you don't file a police report, you won't get your car back. If you get your jewelry or furniture stolen and you don't file a police report, you won't get your jewelry or furniture back. If you get your car stolen and you don't file a police report, you won't get your car back. If you get your bike stolen and you don't file a police report, you won't get your bike back. The point is if you get something stolen and you don't file a police report, you won't get your stuff back. But they're not allowed to put you in jail for refusal to report a stolen car, bike, jewelry, money etc. You won't go to jail for refusal to report a stolen object, but whatever you got stolen, you won't get it back.

If a motorcycle was to be repossessed but was hidden for years would it come up as stolen or as having a lienholder if the DMV were to run the VIN?

IF it was REPORTED stolen, it would show as such. IF there was a lien on it, it would show as such.

Can they report your car as stolen if they haven't succeeded in repossessing it?

rport it stolen?? Who will take the report?? Barney Fife??? NO, cause its NOT stolen. The 'stolen" line is a sure sign of a LAZY repoman. Or an uneducated repoman who believes everything they hear. How can you "steal" your own car? The lender CANNOT report the vehicle stolen. You, as the registered owner, are the only one who can make that report to the police.

How do I report my van stolen?

Call the police and make a report.

What if you report the car stolen and its not?

You are committing a crime if you knew the car not to be stolen.

How do you report stolen iPhone?

mayday mayday, my iPhone's been stolen? ...

What do you do if your wallet is lost or stolen?

Go to the local police station and report it as stolen.

Can a vehicle that the repo man cannot find even after a year be listed as stolen?

Not to my knowledge. The lender cant say its stolen because they LET you take it from their possession. You havent said its stolen OR you would have a police report to show it was. So, it's NOT stolen, you are hiding it to hinder repossession. Hope that's not a felony in your state. My contracts state that if the borrower takes the vehicle out of state when in default that I could report the vehicle stolen. I never have tried, but I did pay an attorney to draft them up for me years ago. In wild and lawless Nevada...

Why want a gps in computer?

When it is stolen or lost your will be able to locate it.

How to report a firearm stolen?

contact your local police department and they will take a report.

How long before you can report a motorcyle stolen?

You can report any theft immediately.

What to do if your handgun is stolen?

File a report with the police.

Can a reposessor report a car stolen if he does not have it in his possession?

If it is really stolen by someone and not simply in possession of the lendee. The owner of the vehicle is the only one who can report a vehicle stolen, not the lender. But if the car is taken to the tow companys and yard and is now "missing" then the tow company can report the missing car since they had it in their possession. The first place the police will come to though is your house. The police will not come to your house it is a civil matter.The tow company cannot report the vehicle stolen it is not their vehicle to report stolen.

How long do I have to report a stolen vehicle in GA?

You should report it as soon as you know your car was stolen. There is no statute of limitation to report a theft. However, a delay would cast doubt on the veracity of your story.

How does it affect your credit or obligation if your repossessed vehicle was stolen from the lienholder?

The repo will effect your credit. The judgment the lender will get will effect your obligation to pay the deficiency balance. the letter wont effect anything UNLESS the car WAS stolen.

What happen if your Nintendo gets stolen?

file a stolen goods report and buy a new one

Can you locate a stolen dsi?

yes just call the police tell them what's been stolen and I'm sure they will help you.

Can the finance company report a car stolen if they are unable to locate it to repossess it?

As much as they would like to, NO. It wasnt in their possession to be stolen from. YOU can report it stolen. The Lender has OTHER legal options to get the car, so dont think you will slide forever. LOL NO. Only the registered owner can report the car stolen, or whomever had the vehicle in their posession. If the lender tells you this, they are only bluffing you, using scare tactics. They will say anything to you in the hopes that you do not know the law, or your rights. Most people don't. You can always call an attorney or the police to pose a question about what is legal. YES..In the state of Arizona pursuant to ARS 13-18-13 after 90 days of non payment a lien holder can report a car stolen and is a class 6 felony.

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