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YES, because repossession is NOT trespassing. Read your contract. You most likely gave the lender authority to repo the car at any time or place. You cant just drive a car without paying for it. Doesnt matter what the jailhouse lawyers tell you, you're not the first person to be repoed and wont be the last. The laws and lenders helping to write them have been around a lot longer than me or you. IF you had posted your state, I would have given you a link to that law so you could read it for yourself.

Like Roosta said, in most cases yes they can Unless it is parked on US Government Defense Dept. property in which case not even repo agents would be given access to the site without a valid clearance and badge.

how could someone possibly give a lender permission to go on someone elses private property. I could see if the private property is that of the debtor..but what if its a the debtors place of employment which is private property?


"Private Property" signs do not stop anyone from entering a parking lot. Now if they added "No Trespassing", it might make a little difference, but doesn't the Pizza delivery man still get in? If you have a legal purpose for entering private property, it is not trespassing if you do not damage any property. If you have to cut a lock to get into the lot, that's damage. If there is a guard who says you can't come in, it's a breach of peace to drive through anyway. And as for DOD property, it is usually fenced, but if the car is parked in a military housing area that can be entered without going through base security checkpoints, the repo man can (and will) get it. I remember one time when an amourous couple thought "US GOV'T PROPERTY" meant "PUBLIC PROPERTY" and their spouses would never find them parked at a deadend in a small Navy housing complex. Seems the SP's didn't think clandestine sex was a "legal purpose."

I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one Tank. How is private property of an organization different than private property of a business or individual? Your driveway is private property and so is the mall parking lot. But the repo man can take your vehicle from either of these places. The mall may even have a sign that says Private Property.

Let's just agree that if the repo man can get to the vehicle without a fight and without damaging any property, the car will be gone when you come back! Even trespassing is usually a CIVIL matter if there is no damage or criminal intent.

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Q: Can a repo man recover a vehicle that is parked at a private organization where a sign is posted 'private property'?
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Are you entitled to speakers on a repossessed vehicle?

You are entitled to any property that is not physically attached to the vehicle. In many states, you may remove after market speakers you have installed, provided doing so causes no damage to the vehicle. You will be given only thirty days to recover private property after the vehicle is repossessed.

Is it trespassing if you are a passenger in a vehicle entering private property?

If the vehicle is trespassing and you are inside it then you are trespassing.

Can the police or tow companies impound a vehicle from private property?

no they can not

How do you remove a abandoned vehicle in Surrey BC Canada from private property?

have it towed away. as long as you have the private property owners permission.

Can an unlicensed driver operate a vehicle on private property with the owners consent?

Unlicensed drivers cannot operate a vehicle on private property. The insurance for the vehicle will not allow unlicensed drivers. Most states require every vehicle in operation to be insured.

Can an uninsured vehicle be parked in a driveway?

In the UK it can, if the driveway is private property.

Can you get a traffic ticket on private property in pa?

If you are in Philadelphia PA Department of License and Inspections can give you a ticket on your vehicle on private property if it is not legal or there are to many vehicles on your property.

Can repo people come onto your property and leave tire mark damage to repossess a vehicle that isn't yours but belongs to someone visiting?

Yes they can come on private propery to repossess a vehicle. If they damaged your property, then call the lender and demand they repair the damage. You may have to sue to recover the damage.

How do i get rid of an abandon vehicle on private property in wash state?

Call the police

What is a vehicle tracker?

A vehicle tracker is a GPS unit attached to a vehicle that reports its position. It is used on commercial vehicles to track progress and can be used on private vehicles to recover the vehicle if it is stolen.

Can a vehicle owner personally tow their vehicle off someone else's private property?

I would not go on private property to get your vehicle without the police being present. You may end up in a conundrum. Contact the local police and explain the situation.

Do you have to have a tag on a vehicle that you don't drive?

If the vehicle is parked on a public street, you need a tag. If it is on private property you don't.

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