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Can a repo person block you from moving a car?


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Yes, if you're trying to interfere with them repossesing it.

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Yes, afterall, the repo-car is still the legal property of the person who has sent the repo-guy to retrieve it.

No a repo person can not break into your home to repo your car. Repossession persons can not damage or destroy any property in attempts to take possession of a vehicle.

Maybe the repo man was after something other than your car. Or, maybe the person was there to serve you with some papers.

to the home of the person who can't pay for his car.

Legally, no. This would fall under wrongful incarceration or kidnapping. The repo agent can block the vehicle in until that person gets out and then hook the unit. If the person re-enters the vehicle afterward then all bets are off. If the police are called in this situation, someone is likely to go to jail for breach of peace, and the repo agent has a legally binding notice of repossession.

Will i be able to purchase another car later on if my car is repo

No they cannot but that does not mean repo morons won't try.If you have any doubts call the Police Immediately !!!!

can my car be repo 38 day's in default?

Q:Can you get an apartmet with a car repo? A: All apartments come without a car repo option. Sometimes you can negotiate utilities, however

I am a repo-Woman. If you purchased your car from a car lot, the car lot keeps a copy to the keys in case they need to reposess the car in the future when you dont pay. The repo-person can also get a key to the car from a dealer, such as GMC, etc. Or they can have a blank key, that accesses any car. If they dont have a key, they can tow it without a key. Pay for your car and you dont have to worry about it, :O)

Yes, you can self repo your car if you can no longer afford your car and is financially unable to pay the payments for your car.

Considering that the LENDER will be the one to report it as a "repo", wouldn't it be best the discuss it with the LENDER?

Yes In most places hiding the car from the repo man is illegal. If he is sure the car is in there he can enter a storage place and reposes the car. But he is not allowed to intimidate or do violence to the person or property damage to make the repossession.

They might. The liability of the person who has hid the car will be the same.

yes , look at a moving car or a walking person

No. In order for a person to repo a vehicle, it has to be visible from the street, and it can't be occupied. This would be an invasion of privacy. NO WAY!!! First, he cannot go into your garage. He cannot block you in. He cannot tow the car with anyone inside. If this was done, call the police and an attorney. File charges and sue the idiot. You will win.

Yes, why would you block a car in anyway? That is just foolishness! Whom ever you are that gave such an answer -- maybe you should check your sources friend for your "answer" is foolishness. The answer is no, unequivocally NO

The repo-man doesn't have to give his name. He can only tell you which bank sent him & where you can pick up your car when bank okay's it

they would have to get a warrant and have an officer come with them.

The repo man will not care if your car has insurance or not. If you haven't been paying for your car, the finance company or bank will take their car back.

NO. Have him arrested if he did that. _____ Sue the lender/bank do not waste your time with the Repo guys; they are agents of the bank so the bank is responsible for their conduct.

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