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Read your CONTRACT. YOU likely authorised it when you signed the papers.

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Q: Can a repo person come on company property that is fenced and says No Unauthorized Persons Allowed?
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What are the laws for an employer entering an employees property to retrieve company owned property.?

Depending on the property and what the job is, the employer is sometimes allowed to enter their property. However, in most cases, they are not allowed to violate the property.

Should a company be liable if an unauthorized employee signed a contract under the company?

No , if an employee has committed fraud and signed a contract under the company knowingly unauthorized then the company may not held liable.

What does authorized mean?

To be allowed or permitted to do something, or to be allowed access to some property by someone in authority. Such as: The company owner authorized me to get into the laboratory.

What is an unauthorized interview?

An unauthorized interview is one that was given without permission by a person's company. For example, NFL players can get fined for giving unauthorized interviews. They need permission from the NFL.

Can a Georgia repo company charge you a fee to get your personnel property?

Yes, they can; they're allowed to charge "reasonable" fees for notifying you they have the property and for storing it until you come to get it.

Which type of ownership is copyright?

A copyright is considered "intangible personal property" and can be owned by one or more persons or a company or a governmental agency.

Company is the property of shareholders?

The company is not always the property of the shareholders. The company is in part the property of the shareholders if it is a publicly traded company.

Can the mortgage company seize your IRA or annuity account in Florida?

My mother is 75 and is facing foreclosure on her property. She is concerned of what the mortgage company can seize of her personal property, especially her IRA, annuity and car. What are they legally allowed to take?

What are the risks if your software comes from an unauthorized source?

An unauthorized source is just a company or program Microsoft never checked out. Which are thousands. All Authorized ones are 100% safe, those that are unauthorized have a small chance to be fake, or a virus.

Is a partnership basically considered as a company?

A partnership deal signed between two parties can be called a company. Yeah. Partnership can be called Company. First, because company means associates, a group of persons,etc. While the meaning of Partnership is, a group of two or more persons bind themselves to contribute money,property, or service. Simply means, they associates.. :)

Does the insurance company pursue charges if unauthorized use wreck?


Why did the company fire you?

my new boss thought i was on an unauthorized break - but never talked to me at the time

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