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Read your CONTRACT. YOU likely authorised it when you signed the papers.

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What are the laws for an employer entering an employees property to retrieve company owned property.?

Depending on the property and what the job is, the employer is sometimes allowed to enter their property. However, in most cases, they are not allowed to violate the property.

Should a company be liable if an unauthorized employee signed a contract under the company?

No , if an employee has committed fraud and signed a contract under the company knowingly unauthorized then the company may not held liable.

What does authorized mean?

To be allowed or permitted to do something, or to be allowed access to some property by someone in authority. Such as: The company owner authorized me to get into the laboratory.

What is an unauthorized interview?

An unauthorized interview is one that was given without permission by a person's company. For example, NFL players can get fined for giving unauthorized interviews. They need permission from the NFL.

Can a Georgia repo company charge you a fee to get your personnel property?

Yes, they can; they're allowed to charge "reasonable" fees for notifying you they have the property and for storing it until you come to get it.

Which type of ownership is copyright?

A copyright is considered "intangible personal property" and can be owned by one or more persons or a company or a governmental agency.

Company is the property of shareholders?

The company is not always the property of the shareholders. The company is in part the property of the shareholders if it is a publicly traded company.

Can the mortgage company seize your IRA or annuity account in Florida?

My mother is 75 and is facing foreclosure on her property. She is concerned of what the mortgage company can seize of her personal property, especially her IRA, annuity and car. What are they legally allowed to take?

Is a partnership basically considered as a company?

A partnership deal signed between two parties can be called a company. Yeah. Partnership can be called Company. First, because company means associates, a group of persons,etc. While the meaning of Partnership is, a group of two or more persons bind themselves to contribute money,property, or service. Simply means, they associates.. :)

What are the risks if your software comes from an unauthorized source?

An unauthorized source is just a company or program Microsoft never checked out. Which are thousands. All Authorized ones are 100% safe, those that are unauthorized have a small chance to be fake, or a virus.

Does the insurance company pursue charges if unauthorized use wreck?


What is a difference between a security company and a property management company?

A security company holds financial securities AKA intangible assets. A property management company manages property AKA real assets.Another AnswerInsofar as real estate property is concerned, you could also say that a security company is chartered with protecting the physical property and its occupants, while a property management company is chartered with handling the business aspects of the property.

What you can to do with unauthorized transactions from my card by mvqshopessplus?

If you had problems with unauthorized transactions from your card on mvqshopessplus, I immediately advise to call in this business. Also, you can find similar complaints about this company on Lately very common, such problem with unauthorized transactions.

Can a telephone company attach lines to your property without your permission?

If the telephone company has a recorded easement against your property, they may install telephone lines to the extent allowed by the easement. You can find out whether there is such an easement against your property by looking in the title insurance policy you received when you bought your property. If you see a telephone easement listed, you can get a copy of it at your county courthouse. If you don't see any telephone easements in the policy, or have questions about the extent of such easements, call the title insurance company.

What is the maximum distance allowed from street pole to property pole?

In Canada the utility company will allow 100 feet to the first pole on an aerial service drop.

Homebizzoppsforyou a scam or not?

According to some, it might be. Due to unauthorized charging and being unable to contact the company.

What company invented the bicycle?

The first bicycles were invented by persons who didn't have a company.

What is the nature of business for a property management company?

A property management company does rent or sell properties whether it is tangible or intangible property and property manager is responsible for track and monitor the properties.

What can a company do if an ex employee refuses to return company property?

If it is company property then the ex-employee has no choice but to return it! If they refuse then the company can report it to police as a theft and you can be charged criminally.

Letter to Notify a Credit Card of an Unauthorized Address Change?

Get StartedThe purpose of this letter is to correct an unauthorized change to your mailing address. If you discover that your credit card statement is being sent to another address that you have not authorized, you need to correct the problem immediately by contacting your credit card company. An unauthorized change to your mailing address may be indicative of identity theft and, as such, you should review your statement very carefully for unauthorized charges or transactions.Note: You should contact the credit card company immediately and use this letter as a follow-up. However, if you choose not to call first, this letter can be used as a first contact with the company. Please note, the credit card company may contact you to verify your identity and ask for further information regarding the unauthorized change of address.

What occurs when one company buys the property and obligations of another company?

When one company buys the property and obligations of another company, the buying company assumes full ownership of the other company. In essence the sold company ceases to exist.

If Mortgage note is in one persons name and the deed to property is in another can mortgage company foreclose and take both house and land?

Yes. ==Clarification== The mortgage company can only foreclose if the OWNER of the real estate signed the mortgage. If someone other than the owner signed the mortgage the bank has no interest in the property and therefore cannot foreclose.

What are the release dates for Behind the Camera The Unauthorized Story of 'Three's Company' - 2003 TV?

Behind the Camera The Unauthorized Story of 'Three's Company' - 2003 TV was released on: USA: 5 May 2003 Canada: 12 May 2003 Australia: 20 September 2009

Is it OSHA recordable if a person is riding bike on company property and gets injured?

If a person is riding a bicycle on company property and is injured, it may be an OSHA recordable event. It would be OSHA recordable if:the injury was related to the persons job assignmentriding the bike was part of the jobthe injury required more than first aid in terms of medical attention

If you lose your card are you liable for any charges made by an unauthorized person?

No, you are usually not liable for any charges that an unauthorized person makes on the card. You need to let the company know promptly that your card has been lost, though.