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No. You should call the dentist to make sure that everything is okay.

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Q: Can a root canal cause ear blockage that results in not being able to hear out of one ear?
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What is wrong if you hear echoing in your ears?

The most common cause of an echoing in your ear is that you have a blockage. This blockage can be in the ear canal or the middle ear.

Will a trap on the main sewer line cause blockage?

A trap doesn't cause the blockage. Something IN sewer line causes a blockage.

What does blockage of the pancreatic duct cause?

Blockage of the pancreatic duct causes nutrient malabsorption.

What is carotid artery occlusion blockage?

Carotid artery occlusion blockage means that there is complete blockage of the artery. This is very serious, as complete blockage of the artery can cause a stroke.

What is the most common cause of airway blockage?

The most common cause of airway blockage is when the nose gets blocked through a common colds

What are the results of a root canal?

With successful root canal treatment, the tooth will no longer cause pain. However, because it does not contain an internal nerve, it no longer has sensitivity to hot, cold, or sweets.

What if there is a blockage is the coronary artery?

A total blockage will cause the heart to stop from oxygen depletion, resulting in heartattack, and death.

What is a common cause of blockage in the coronary arteries?


Does dehydration cause blockage in a vein or artery?


What causes wax in the ear?

The most common cause of this is the use of Q-tips in the ear canal (and other objects such as bobby pins and rolled napkin corners), which pushes the wax deeper into the ear canal. Hearing aid and earplug users are also more prone to earwax blockage.

Is artery blockage the leading cause of heart attacks?

Yes, artery blockage is the leading cause of heart attacks in individuals. There are other risk factors that you should be aware about as well.

Blockage of a ureter would cause to collect in which organ?


Can eating very hot food and then throwing up cause blockage in your intestines?

No You throw up the contents of your stomach not from your intestines. A blockage can cause you to vomit not the other way around. However if you have no other symptoms than throwing up then it is unlikely you have a blockage, blockages hurt.

What causes deafness?

Anything that completely blocks the ear canal can cause hearing loss. Blockage with earwax (also called cerumen) is common.Many other problems can block the ear canal and lead to hearing loss. Such blocking causes a decrease in volume but does not generally produce distortion. These problems include:Infections with swelling that shuts the ear canalForeign bodies in the earAn injuryBirth defectsA growth in the ear canal

Can a blockage in the carotid cause nausea?

If the blockage is impinging on the vagus nerve, yes a blockage in the carotid artery can cause nausea. However, most common signs would include feeling faint, difficulty thinking (particularly for complicated or long-term tasks) and lack of energy.

Is narrowing of the small intestines dangerous with crohns?

If left untreated it can cause a blockage. When Crohns is active it can thicken the bowel anywhere and when undigested food passes through it can get stuck causing a back up. Liquid waste may or may not get past this blockage but nausea and pain on ingesting anything usually results.

Can people die from artery blockage?

Yes, artery blockage can cause heart attacks, which cause 1 out of 6 deaths in the United States. If you or someone you love is at risk for artery blockage, they should consult a doctor about what kind of behavioral changes and medication might be able to decrease their risk of dying from artery blockage (also known as coronary artery disease).

Why were overweight people not allowed in Greece?

beause they may cause a blockage

Is artery blockage something you should be concerned about?

Artery Blockage is really something to be concerned about. It can cause health problems that could cause you to die. Although it could cause you to die itself, it is caused by other things and can effect other parts of the body.

Can tooth cleaning cause a root canal?

It is very unlikely that a cleaning would cause a root canal. I would tend to answer a simple No.

Can exposure to radon gas be a cause of small intestine blockage?

Radon is a cause of lung cancers, no problems with the intestines.

What cause heart attrack?

A blockage in one of the main blood vessels of the heart.

What was the direct cause of the flooding along the eastern side of the 17th Street Canal?

The direct cause of flooding was the failure of the levee along that canal.

What is the purpose of the coronary artery and what result if there is blockage in this vessel?

coronary arteries supply oxygenated blood to the muscles of the heart and blockage in coronary artery can cause heart attack.

What caused urethra blockage?

Usually kidney stones. Kidney stones are small pieces of calcium which, if small enough can travel down the urethra - and possibly cause a blockage.