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Did it. Passed the inspection. May want to consult your local building code enforcement official. *Yes, as long as you do not increase or decrease the size of the ell when it turns up to catch the toilet. For exapmple a 4x3 closet ell goes from 3 inch to 4inch but due to its natural funnel design it is legal, but if you were to turn up a 3" ell and then use a 4x3 increaser it would be illegal, at least in my state it is, check your local building codes for further clarification.

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How do you spell toilet?

That is the correct spelling of "toilet" (a sanitary plumbing fixture, or grooming).

What are closet supply in the plumbing industry?

Toilet parts

What is a closet auger?

A plumbing snake used to remove a clog in a toilet.

How do you use a plumbing snake on a toilet?

You don't , you do use a closet auger strictly used for toilets

Where can I find offset closet bolts?

Offset closet bolts can usually be found at any plumbing or hardware store. The are also known by another name, "Toilet Flanges/Closet Flanges".

Is a toilet part of a plumbing system?

Yes,the toilet is part of the plumbing system.

Why do you need to have a sanitary toilet?

We use sanitary toilet to prevent insects,rats,and others from spreanding the waste.

Why do we pee in a toilet?

to be sanitary!!

Is it ok to run a closet bend perpendicular to the toilet or must it go straight back from the rear?

Yes, you can run it perpendicular as long as the sanitary tee is not more than six feet away from the closet flange.

Picture of classification of sanitary pit privy toilet?

sanitary pit privy

Where is the toilet made?

in a sanitary and ceramic factory

How do you unclog a toilet tank and bowl type if plunging does not work?

A closet auger! ( Closet is in reference to a water closet or toilet) It can be purchased at most home improvement stores.

What is a water closet?

"Water Closet" is a frequently used synonym for "toilet".

What is a sanitary privy?

An old fashioned name for toilet.

Why is a toilet called a water closet?

The term "water-closet" was an early term for a room with a toilet

Can you put the toilet drain outside on a down stairs toilet?

By plumbing codes, no.

Distance from toilet to side wall?

The 2003 International Plumbing Code calls for a minimum of 15" clearance from the center of the water closet (toilet) to the nearest side wall or other fixture and 21" clearance from the front of the bowl to the closest wall or fixture.

What did they call the toilet in the olden days?

In the "olden days", they didn't have toilets (I'm assuming you mean the porcelain fixture that you urinate and/or defecate into). Some terms that I'm aware of from when they were first becoming popular: sanitary facility, water closet, wc.

Why do you need sanitary toilet?

Bacteria and viruses can make people very sick if a toilet isn't clean.

Where to buy toilet auger?

Plumbing or Hardware store

How do you fix a slightly loose toilet that is seated on ceramic tile?

Pull the toilet. Check the closet flange. If it is not loose or broken, replace the wax ring and closet bolts. Reset toilet. Level with wobble wedges. Caulk base of toilet.

How do you get the money on riddle school 3 from the janitors closet?

If you have the toilet paper, put it in the toilet and click on the flusher. The janitor will come in and say "DO I HEAR A TOILET CLOG?" and then you go back to the closet and grab the money.

Who first invented indoor plumbing?

I believe it was Thomas Krapper The flushing toilet was invented by John Harrington in 1596. Joseph Bramah of Yorkshire patented the first practical water closet in England in 1778. Edward Jennings in 1852 also took out a patent for the flush-out toilet.

What is a WC?

A WC is a water closet or toilet if you like.

What was a toilet called in the 1900?

Commode / Water closet