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I don't think they can if you want to force the issue, but they're probably doing that with your best interests at heart so you have more income, since Comp doesn't pay 100% of your salary.

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Q: Can a school use your sick days when you take off on a workman's compensation claim?
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How long do you have to appeal a workmans comp case?

60 days

How long does it take to process a workers compensation claim in Ill.?

This depends on you contract that you sign when you first start working. At my work it is 3 days, which is 3 days of being ill until you get your workers compensation. Although some places may pay you more or less depending on your contract.

If you are drawing workmans comp and working at your job part Tim and workmans comp pays you the difference and you get sick and are out of work a few days will workmans comp still pay you the differ?

As each state's criteria for eligibility and amount of workman's comp payable differs, you need to contact your state's office for clarification.

What is the Time frame to file a workmans comp claim?

It may vary from state to state, but in most states it is 30 days. Many compaines have there own policies that state you must report within a certain amount of time or there can be disiplinary action taken.

Do you have to take vacations days before collecting unemployment?

If you are still collecting accumulated vacation days from your former employer you are still receiving compensation for work performed. You must wait until your vacation pay expires before you can truly claim to be uncompensated.

What is the time limit in PA for submitting the employers and or physicians report on an industrial accident workmans compensation?

An accident report required by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry to be completed by the employer is to be done within 15 days of the date in injury. The employee has 120 days to provide notice of the work related injury to the employer. The doctor has to file the LIBC-9 when he wants to be paid.

Is there a specific NY Law concerning the compensation for a total loss auto insurance claim if the vehicle was purchased within the past 90 days?

If it is a total loss then the insurance needs to pay the value of the vehicle.

You got hurt on a job 13 years ago and herniated your disk and received workmans comp for it Now you herniated the same disk at a different job can you collect workmans comp on it?

Hi~ It is my very recent personal experience that you will not be successful in receiving benefits for your new injury. They will jump on the opinion that this is a pre-existing condition. But STILL file your claim as quickly as possible! (Hopefully you either had witnesses to the injury or it occured just days or hours ago....)

When your injured on the job how many days to you have to file a claim with State Compensation?

To know that (or be able to look it up) one must know what state you are asking about. Why don't you simply call your state Labor Board or Agency and ask?

How many days of school does Brazil have?

brazilschool days have 30 days of school

How important is having a witness to an accident affect a claim of workers compensation?

Having a witness will always assist in making a claim for workers compensation, but it is not essential. In the UK - if an accident at work occurs an entry should be made by your employer of the accident circumstances. If the accident was serious or required more than 3 days off work - the Health and Safety executive should be notified by your employer who should investigate the accident circumstances. Your lawyer can access these documents which will assist your claim. For more details on how to show your employer is at fault see the attached link.

What is the procedure for filing a lawsuit against a school district?

Most states require that you first file a "tort claim" which notifies the school district of your intent to sue. Then, after filing the tort claim, you must wait sixty days, and if you and the district cannot come to a settlement of your claim, you may file a lawsuit. I strongly recommend consulting with a personal injury attorney before filing a tort claim or lawsuit against a school district. Most personal injury attorneys will give you a free consultation.

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What is the timely filing for workers compensation claims for providers in Connecticut?

180 days

How many school days in Indonesia?

most school in In Indonesia apply 6 days of school days

Do all landlords have to register a bond in NZ?

Once you pay the bond to your landlord, they must forward it to the Department of Building and Housing within 23 working days. It is illegal for your landlord not to register and pay your bond to the DBH - if they haven't lodged it you can claim compensation from them.

What is difference between calendar days and consecutive days as far as workers compensation temporary total disability benefits?

You must be off 7 consecutive days.

Can an executor of an estate get reimbursed for vacation days used on estate business?

The executor is entitled to compensation for work done on the settlement of the estate. The use of vacation days is not a factor. Some states specify what is reasonable compensation and list the fees allowed.

Temporary disability ins claims must be filed within how many days in Mn?

In Minnesota, a worker's compensation claim for temporary disability must be claimed as soon as the condition is known. The initial injury should have filed with the employer as soon as the incident occurred.

Can a teacher be required to work days not included in their contract without compensation?

12 . Answer 2: Yes you may be asked to work extra but you make a note of hours worked and claim for extra payment or time off for the hours worked. Need to negotiate with the Management.

How long do you have to file car insurance claim in Kentucky?

You have 10 days to file a claim with your insurance company.

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How many school days are in India?