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Can a seventeen year old in Michigan voluntarily emancipate themselves?

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722.4 Emancipation by operation of law or pursuant to petition filed by minor with family division of circuit court. Sec. 4. (1) Emancipation may occur by operation of law or pursuant to a petition filed by a minor with the family division of circuit court as provided in this act. (2) An emancipation occurs by operation of law under any of the following circumstances: (a) When a minor is validly married. (b) When a person reaches the age of 18 years. (c) During the period when the minor is on active duty with the armed forces of the United States. (d) For the purposes of consenting to routine, nonsurgical medical care or emergency medical treatment to a minor, when the minor is in the custody of a law enforcement agency and the minor's parent or guardian cannot be promptly located. The minor or the minor's parent shall remain responsible for the cost of any medical care or treatment rendered pursuant to this subdivision. An emancipation pursuant to this subdivision shall end upon the termination of medical care or treatment or upon the minor's release from custody, whichever occurs first. (e) For the purposes of consenting to his or her own preventive health care or medical care including surgery, dental care, or mental health care, except vasectomies or any procedure related to reproduction, during the period when the minor is a prisoner committed to the jurisdiction of the department of corrections and is housed in a state correctional facility operated by the department of corrections or in a youth correctional facility operated by the department of corrections or a private vendor under section 20g of 1953 PA 232, MCL 791.220g; or the period when the minor is a probationer residing in a special alternative incarceration unit established under the special alternative incarceration act, 1988 PA 287, MCL 798.11 to 798.18. This subdivision applies only if a parent or guardian of the minor cannot promptly be located by the department of corrections or, in the case of a youth correctional facility operated by a private vendor, by the responsible official of the youth correctional facility. (3) An emancipation occurs by court order pursuant to a petition filed by a minor with the family division of circuit court as provided in sections 4a to 4e.

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How can a 16 year old minor emancipate from parents without litigation in Detroit Michigan.

Can a girl at seventeen move to Michigan if shes from Louisiana?


Are you legally emancipated once you have a child at the age of 16 in the state of Michigan?

No. Becoming a parent does not emancipate a minor.

Are you allowed to move out at 17 in the state of Michigan?

Seventeen is not the same as 18. Michigan law says the parents are responsible for the minor.

Does Michigan have an inheritance tax?

No Michigan does not have an inheritance tax. Only 11 states do have one enacted. Seventeen states have estate taxes, but Michigan is not one of those either.

In Michigan can a 14 year old emancipate himself from the custodial parent to live with the non-custodial parent?

No, they cannot.

What can a parent do if a child moves out at age seventeen in Michigan?

Call the police and report them as a runaway.

Can I move to Michigan at 17 for better schooling if I emancipate myself?

The question whether you will be able to emancipate yourself at all. Some states don't have an emancipation statute, which makes it very difficult to do what you wish. If you succeed, then, yes, you would be able to move.

What is a seventeen year olds curfew in flint Michigan?

stay off the streets for your safty and ours!

Are parents responsible financially for 17 year old in Michigan who voluntarily moves out of the house?

Parents are responsible financially for a 17 year old in Michigan who voluntarily moves out of the house unless the teen is completely emancipated. Teens can be partially emancipated, which means parents can still be responsible for certain things.

How do you emancipate yourself in the state of Michigan?

In Michigan at 16 you can petition the court for emancipation. Be aware that Michigan?s emancipation statute states that ONE of the requirements is: "the minor's parent or guardian does not object to the petition; or if a parent or guardian objects to the petition, that the objecting parent or guardian is not providing the minor with support"

Can a Michigan father voluntarily relinquish parental rights if the mother agrees with his choice to do so?

Only if this is done legally through the courts.

Can a seventeen year old teenager legally move out in Michigan?

No, they cannot move out without parental permission. The key here is the age of majority (adulthood) in Michigan, which is 18. If they are an adult, the parents are no longer responsible.

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where you live and how old you are shouldn't matter in a relationship.

Can a seventeen year old date a fourteen year old girl in Michigan and still go out with her?

I don't see any reason why not. i agree

If I had to leave my job in Michigan because my husband is relocating to another job somewhere else in Michigan can I collect unemployment?

You cannot collect when you have voluntarily left a job. Has to be a lay off or firing... can you collect if hes out of work and found another job in California

Is it legal to marry a twenty-two year old male if I'm pregnant with his unborn baby at the age of seventeen in the state of Michigan?

yes of course you dumb

Can a child at 17 in the state of Michigan move out of their parents house and apply for public assistance for themselves?

In Michigan you must have reached the age of majority. Otherwise, they need to wait until they turn 18.

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