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Can a seventeen year old teenager legally move out in Michigan?


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2010-05-14 20:00:23
2010-05-14 20:00:23

No, they cannot move out without parental permission. The key here is the age of majority (adulthood) in Michigan, which is 18. If they are an adult, the parents are no longer responsible.


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Not unless you are legally emancipated.

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If you live in the US... Technically, no. Graduating high school does not emancipate a minor. Is there a reason you can't wait it out a couple of months?

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No you can not until you are 18 and then you can move out.

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Can she legally move in with him?,,,, YES,,,,,,,,, Can He leagally let her move in? NO!

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Yes, but if the authorities find you they can take you back. But legally No, you can't.

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