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Not without parental consent or emancipation by the court. Having a baby does not emancipate you.

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Q: Can a seventeen year old with a baby legally move out of parents home in california?
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Can a seventeen year old with a baby legally move out of parents home in nebraska?

No. When a minor have a baby she is only emancipated regarding her own health and the baby. Everything else is the same as before.

Are you legally emancipated if you're a 17-year-old with a baby in California and can you leave your parents' home?

Having a baby has nothing to do with it. Contrary to popular belief, simply having a child does not emancipate a person.

Does having a baby make you legally emancipated in the state of California?

No, not in any US state does having a baby make you emancipated.

If a minor has a baby are the grand parents legally responsible for the child?

No, the child's under-age parents are the legal guardians of the child.

In the state of Wisconsin can a pregnant 16 year old legally move out of there parents house and in with the baby's father whom is 18 Without parents consent?

legally the law is you can move out at 16 withg your parents consent

When can you legally induce labor in California?

When the doctor decides the baby is ready for labor or if your life is at risk.

If you have a baby when you are between the ages of 13-16 can you keep the child legally?

Legally yes, but if you are 13-16 you are still your parents resposibility until you are 18.

If Father and Mother are not married when a baby is born but his name is on the birth certificate and later the parents marry does the father have to adopt the child to make the baby legally his?


Im seventeen and pregnantwhat rights do i have?

To have the baby or not have the

Are you considered a minor at seventeen if you have a baby?


What age was baby in the film dirty dancing?

baby is suppose to be seventeen

Can your parents force you to give up your baby for adoption at 14 yrs old in AZ?

Legally no. You are the guardian of the child.

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