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Refine The QuestionBefore trying to answer the question the term "single vision" should be clarified. As I understand it, the term single vision is used by the eye glass industry to describe a single element lens with spherical front and back surfaces. Is that what the questioner means by a "single vision" lens?

1. Single vision lens means -the lens has only one power; Bifocal - two powers; Multifocal or progressive is self explanatory.

2. Bifocals/Multifocals are prescribed to give good vision for long as well as short/near .

3. Single vision lens can be made for presbyopia, if there is no power for long distance. The inconvenience is that you have to remove spectacles every time you see a distant object.

4. Sometimes seperate glasses are prescribed for distance and near if someone is not able to adjust to bifocals.

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