Can a sixteen your old daughter refuse visitation with her father for the summer?

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Depends on what the div. settlement says but the real question is WHY does she refuse to spend the Summer with her Dad?
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What are your options if you have sole physical and legal custody but your 15-year-old daughter refuses to come home after a weekend with her father?

Answer . I've personally been there done that and have the T Shirt. Let her stay, as long as he's a good parent. You'll get her back one day.\n. \nCA Family Law Code\n. \n3042. (a) If a child is of sufficient age and capacity to reason so\nas to form an intelligent preference as to custody, ( Full Answer )

What do you do if your six-year-old refuses to visit to his father and you are afraid your child will hate you if you force him to go?

Children can sense a lot more than we give them credit for. Sitdown with your son and ask him why he doesn't want to visit hisfather. If the father is a good man and you don't want to hurt hisfeelings, it's time to sit down with the father and discuss thisproblem. Both of you can work something out. ( Full Answer )

What can you do if your ex-husband refuses to allow communication between you and your daughters outside of visitation?

Answer . This is a difficult situation because I don't know why your husband has sole custody and you only have visitation rights. If you were declared an "unfit mother" then you don't have much say in it at all. Desertion is also included in this, so if you did desert your husband and children ( Full Answer )

If you have sole custody of your 14-year-old daughter when can she decide not to visit her father?

Answer . If you have sole custody then there is a reason the courts granted you this. This means your daughter's father does not ever have to see him again and there is not much he can do about it. If she still wants to see her father then let it be as long as he treats her right, isn't an alcoho ( Full Answer )

Does a father have rights to see his 17-year-old pregnant daughter who refuses to see him because of her boyfriend?

Answer . \nParental rights are defined by the custodial order that is in affect.\n. \nHowever, the 17-year-old is a minor in every state and therefore not legally able to simply "move in" with her boyfriend. The issue of pregnancy does not supercede laws of any US state pertaining to the age of ( Full Answer )

How do you minimize the damage a narcissistic father can do to his 3-year-old daughter during his visitation time and how do you disarm him?

Answer . \nUnless the father of this child has been diagnosed by a psychiatrist/psychologist then it's second-guessing as far as labeling this man narcissistic. Just because a person is selfish, doesn't consider others but themselves, isn't careful as to what they say to others and hurts their ( Full Answer )

Can you refuse to allow an absentee father to visit his child?

\n. \n Absent Fathers \n. \n. \nIt depends. If the father was never around to begin with and he simply shows up at your door one day, then yes. This is because you have 100% total custody of the child and all legal authority regarding him/her. However, within the U.S. at least, he does have ( Full Answer )

Do you have to pay child support if your ex has had physical custody of your 16-year-old daughter for 4 years and you have had no visitation and your daughter has refused contact with you for 4 years?

Yes, if there is an active support order in place the obligated parent must adhere to the terms or risk being found in contempt of a court order.. Child support and visitation are two completely different issues and the non compliance of a custodial parent to allow the other parent visitation has n ( Full Answer )

Does your 12 year old daughter have a right to say weather or not she has to go to every visit with her father?

Answer . It's time to communicate with your daughter and ask her why she doesn't want to visit her father. If she simply just wants to be with you or out with her friends then she should respect her father and go visit him. However, she may not like her father much these days because she proba ( Full Answer )

Can my 10 year old daughter who is scared of her father and being mentally abused get out of visitation with her father?

Answer . If this is court ordered then you will have to seek legal counsel to take full custody. Beware! Children can misconstrue what happens to them although we must always protect them and be sure that her father is simply not just setting some hard and fast rules for her and she doesn't like ( Full Answer )

You are sixteen do you have to visit your father now on weekends?

no. According to the law of most states, you are still required to visit your father, as long as you are under the age of 18. The court can hold the custodial parent (your mother) in contempt of court if the visitation is discontinued without prior court approval.

If a sixteen year old daughter has suffered emotional abuse by her mother is she required to visit with her?

I think that you are asking if you are morally required to visit your mother. It really depends on the emotional abuse that you suffered. If your mother was yelling at you because you did something wrong, or broke a role; this is not emotional abuse. It would be emotional abuse if she repeatedly mad ( Full Answer )

Does a 16 year old daughter have to visit the father?

A 16 year old girl does not want any over night visitation with her father does she have to go?. . If they live in the US and Dad has court-ordered visitation, she has to go. If there is a legitimate reason that she doesn't want to go (he's abusive, a drug user, etc), then the custodial parent ( Full Answer )

Does the Father pay support for his sixteen year old daughter with a baby?

The mother should be responsible since she had custody. The child was under her roof and she should have to handle the situation. You just can't take the support and not be accountable for the child. If the father wants the child, the court should give him the right to have her at this time and the ( Full Answer )

A non custodial parent has visitation during the summer but refuses to have the child return home to custodial parent Child is 13 yrs old and in a diff state?

Going thru the same thing right now it is parental kidnapping, contact your local police and file charges immediately. That link explains everything you need to know and all the laws involved in the matter. If I can be of further assistance co ( Full Answer )

What if a Missouri parent refuses to return a 15 year old to Indiana at the end of summer visitation what can a next of friend for the 15 year old do legally to prevent further kidnapping charges?

There is no kidnapping. At the worse there may be contempt of court order. But as a friend of the 15 Y/O there is nothing you can do as you have no legal standing in a custody dispute. I recommend you talk to the custodial parent and have that parent begin proceedings. There are non profit organizat ( Full Answer )

If your daughters dad has visitation rights but no legal or physical custody can I refuse visitation in CA?

If Dad has court-ordered visitation then you have to follow it or you are in violation of a court order (and there are consequences for that). If there's a valid reason you don't want Dad to have visitation, then you can go to court and request that the court modify the visitation order. But be awar ( Full Answer )

Can a mother get in trouble if a child refuses to go to visitation with their father?

Yes. As parents there are many things we have to make our children do they don't want to and in this case there is a court order. Not making your child go is breaking that order and the mother may find herself in contempt of court if the order isn't followed. You need to find out exactly why your ( Full Answer )

When can a father be refused visitation rights?

If he is deemed to be unfit by the court a father's visitations can be terminated. The factors used to determine that a parent is unfit are generally governed by state laws with child endangerment being the determining factor. The following include some of the reasons a parent may be declared unfit: ( Full Answer )

What are parents right when a sixteen year old refuses to go home?

You have the right to make them go back, by police force if necessary. The place or people he is living with is otherwise housing a runaway which is illegal. In most states you have to be of legal age (usually 18) until moving out but I don't know what state you are in. A minor has no right to decid ( Full Answer )

Can my 14 year old son refuse to visit his father as we have joint custody?

No, not without getting you in trouble for contempt of court if such visitation is court ordered. Penalties you may face include monetary, jail time, or even losing your joint custody status in favor of the other parent. If the child has a valid and compelling reason why he doesn't want to visit ( Full Answer )

Can you get a court order so you can be there with your daughter when is visiting time for her father?

Generally, you would need to request that the visitation order be modified to require supervised visitations. You would need to provide compelling evidence to the court that your request is justified and the court would assign an investigator who would review the situation. If the report supports yo ( Full Answer )

Can a Mom get in trouble if a child refuses to go to visitation of the father?

Yes she most certainly can, especially in Indiana. Indiana state law says that until a child has reached the age of 18 they do not have the right to decide whether they are going to visit the non custodial parent. They must adhere to visitation guidelines or the custodial parent will face contempt c ( Full Answer )

Does a sixteen year old child have to visit a parent with visitation rights in Wisconsin?

Yes. Court orders must be followed until they can be modified by returning to court and placing the issue before the judge. A custodial parent who doesn't honor the standing visitation order is in contempt of a court order and the court can order a modification of the custody order if the contempt c ( Full Answer )

Can the father just take the child if he is refused visitation?

The child should not be placed in the middle of such an adversarial situation. The father should visit the family court as soon as possible and file a motion for contempt of a court order. If the custodial parent continues to deny visitation they could lose custody. If the father does not have a ( Full Answer )