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typically in pregnancy your blood pressure is lower, hence the dizziness and fainting that often occurs in pregnancy.

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Why is my blood pressure higher when laying down and I am in early pregnancy?

your blood pressure is always slightly higher then normal when your pregnant due to increase blood flow to the placenta

When a pressure is measured as 1016mb what does that mean?

That would be slightly higher than the 'normal' atmospheric pressure of 1013mb

What is the air inside a balloon?

It is just air, only at slightly higher pressure.

Its been almost 3 years on the implanon and I'm experiencing pregnancy symptoms?

If a person becomes pregnant while using Implanon, there is a higher risk that they could have an ectopic pregnancy. If you're having pregnancy symptoms, you should call your doctor as soon as possible.

Can you get pregnant 8yrs after tubal ligation?

The more time that passes after a tubal ligation the (slightly) higher the risk of regeneration of the fallopian tube/s. It is extremely rare but it can happen. Because there is scar tissue from the tubal ligation, there is also an increase chance of a tubal pregnancy. If your period suddenly stops, whether you are having symptoms of pregnancy or not, take a pregnancy test or see your OB / GYN.

Is it possible to have naturally elevated blood pressure and still be considered healthy?

Having slightly elevated blood pressure isn't always a bad thing. It's when blood pressure is too high that it causes issues. There are many healthy people who have slightly higher blood pressure.

Why is gallium not considered a liquid metal?

Its melting point is slightly higher than the conditions of standard temperature and pressure.

What are some negative effects of teen pregnancy?

Some negative effects of teen pregnancy include a higher chance of getting high blood pressure and preeclampsia. Teens also have a higher risk of having premature babies or low-weight babies.

Is there any advantage to installing the water pressure tank on the 2nd floor?

if the well pressure switch goes with the tank then the second floor pressure would more closely match the well pressure setpoints and the ground floor would have slightly higher pressure. with the tank and pressure switch on the lower floor the lower floor would more closely see the well pressure setpoints and the second floor would get slightly lower pressure.

What are the chances of pregnancy after your tubes are cut tied and burned?

The failure rate for tubal ligation is about 1.85% after 10 years. Slightly higher if the operation was performed during a c-section. If one does get pregnant after a tubal ligatin an ectopic pregnancy (or tubal pregnancy) may develop.

How much air pressure is on you if i'm below sea level?

Below sea level atmospheric pressure increases with depth. Air pressure at sea level is about 14.7 psia. Air pressure below sea level would be slightly higher.

Is 142 70 blood pressure high for a 60 year old female?

It is slightly high, but nothing to worry about unless it gets higher.

How pressure and temperature are related?

the higher the temperature the higher the pressure

What is the type of electromagnetic wave that is slightly higher than the visible light of violet?

The type with slightly higher frequency is called "ultraviolet" radiation. The type with slightly higher wavelength is called "blue light".

Why if your standing up the air pressure on you toes is slightly less than the air pressure on your nose?

I think you might have that question slightly turned around. The pressure on your nose is less than on your toes. Air pressure comes from the weight of the atmosphere pushing down on you. The higher something is, the less air there is above it, and the less pressure there is. Because your toes are lower than your nose, there is more air above it pressing down.

A cool region underneath cloud cover will have a region with no cloud cover and a higher what?

a higher pressure thana higher density thana higher pressure thanwill have a higher densitya higher air pressure thana higher density than

Can a pregnancy test be negative with an ectopic pregnancy?

Although the chances are slim with a urine test performed at a doctor's office, it still can be possible to receive a negative result early in an ectopic pregnancy. If you used a home test the chances are slightly higher. If you think it is possible that you are experiencing an ectopic pregnancy, you need to go to the doctor or health department. An ectopic pregnancy can be very dangerous.

Why does my 94 Honda Passport have a loss of oil pressure after the engine warms up?

Oil gets thinner when its hot. Use a slightly higher viscosity.

Is gravity the same everywhere?

No, it's slightly lower at higher altitudes, slightly higher near dense rock formations.

What is the average cost per square foot for having a deck built out of pressure treated lumber?

The average cost of a deck built of pressure treated lumber in 2011 was roughly $33. You can safely assume a slightly higher cost today. With some planning and adjusting you can lower this cost slightly.

What are some of the problems involved in a twin pregnancy?

There are a few problems that may be involved in a twin pregnancy. Some of the things one should be concerned about are a higher risk of miscarriage, high blood pressure, anemia and gestational diabetes.

How does pressure effect the boiling point?

The higher the pressure, the higher the boiling point.

Is pressure greater or lesser at higher altitudes?

Pressure is less at higher altitudes.

Is blood pressure higher in veins than arteries?

No, pressure is higher in the arteries.

Is blood pressure higher in capillaries in arteries?

Blood pressure is higher in arteries.

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