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The space shuttle has to start straight up, like a rocket.

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Q: Can a space shuttle take off from a runway?
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Why can't a space shuttle use a runway like a plane?

For takeoff, it requires so much thrust to get it off the ground that if it used a regular runway, it would need something like 5 miles behind it to avoid damage. So they make it take off vertically to avoid that. A space shuttle lands on a regular (but slightly longer) runway just like a plane.

Can the space shuttle take off like a plane?

No. It's internal engines do not have enough thrust, nor do the wings produce enough lift for the shuttle to lift off. If it attempted it, it would end in failure as a burning wreckage at the end of the runway.

Were did the first space shuttle take off?


What do space shuttle take off like?

straight up

Where does the space shuttle take off from?

cape canaveral,Florida

What state does the Space Shuttle usually take off from?


How fast at take off does a space shuttle go?

A space shuttle travels at or around 7,500 MPH or miles per hour

When is the next take off to the moon by a space shuttle?

Never: The Shuttle has never been to the moon and never will.

When will the next space shuttle take off?

Yesterday, it was the last one............ :''''(

Have you ever seen a space shuttle take off in person?


When did the first space shuttle take off?

April 12, 1981

What does a space shuttle take off like?

pie is good :P